August 13, 2012

Keeping the spirit alive

I know it’s lame but I have to admit, the one thing I enjoy the most about big things airing on TV like last night’s Closing Ceremony is the hilarious uproar of Twitter. Sitting there watching the screen whilst also having one big party with thousands of people also watching really is part of the fun. Although the sentiment of tweets shifted from the positive outbursts of “GO TEAM GB!” to being slightly more on the cynical side. For example most of the tweets were either ‘I hate Stomp’ or jokey comments about the choice of talent i.e. Caitlin’s Moran post about how ‘I’m surprised Jessie J isn’t on the drums’ during The Who performance which made me giggle. Jessie J really did appear every 5 minutes, but why not, she’s a Brit to be celebrated. Where was Adele btw?

The two main bits that really resonated with me and got me the most emotionally geared up, were the clips of John Lennon and Freddie Mercury. It was cleverly done and it made so much sense. Lennon’s song was about peace and it was like the stadium was portraying pretty much exactly the lyrics of Imagine. Lennon’s plea for the ‘world to live as one’ was actually happening, with all the countries being connected by amazing athletes and passion for sport. I just thought it was magical how they can still inspire people even though they aren’t alive any more.

Last night’s ceremony wasn’t just about the acts, who was there or what the performances were like. I mean, of course we want it to be entertaining and old classics like the Spice Girls and Take That were great crowd-pleasers. But, really it was more about the straight up fact that we DID IT. We hosted an awesome Olympics Games. Nothing went wrong, it all went so right. We lived up to all expectations and all the hard work had paid off. The ceremony was a party, it went all out, yes, it was slightly manic but it was just showing that the UK can go out with a bang.

I hope no one stays too sad that it’s all over. I feel like I am inspired enough to keep going on the momentum for a while. I feel differently about London. I have even more respect for the city than I did before. I am so proud to live here, feel like I’m in safe hands and that anything is possible.

We have so many amazing British characters and role models around us to learn from, and so many memories now of such an amazing year. I hope we all play more sport, appreciate the beauty of the city, quit complaining so much about TFL, and encourage Boris Johnson to continue being loopy and to show us more of his dance moves.

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