August 14, 2012

Miley Cut Off Her Hair and So Did I

Why It’s OK To Cut Off All Of Your Hair

“It’s just hair. Hair grows.”

Well actually, it’s not just hair – but this is just the point. Our hair plays a rather significant role in defining who we are and it gives onlookers a little first glimpses into our personality. If you are hiding behind a huge fringe and only poke through it occasionally to squeak a small ‘hello’, we know we’re going to have to work hard at getting to know you. If you’re doing a Britney and shaved it all off one day (I have friends that did the same) it’s a little sign to say: “er hey, can you give me a call about something?” If each morning you religiously slot in specially made hair extensions into your pre-highlighted hair, we know that you will pay a price to look the way you want – and that’s cool too. Some people have had the same hairstyle for 25 years, these people feel safe in the knowledge that there is something that is always consistent about them.

Some people experiment with different colours, cuts and styles every day and enjoy messing around with their identity like Play-doh to point where their own partner might sometimes find it difficult recognising them. To them, looking in the mirror is always been a bit of a game. The day I cut all my hair off something changed in me. I felt really free.

I’d gone to the hairdressers feeling a bit different that day. I felt relaxed and confident. As I arrived my local salon my hairdresser took a look at me and said “I don’t like your hair at the moment.” (Sorry?) “I don’t like it. I can tell it’s not…very you.” OK, fine, it had grown at all different lengths and it was dry at the ends. He was right, it was a mess. “We’re cutting it all off”. Two gin and tonics down and away he went. Chopping away at my tresses like a little bonsai tree. I suddenly saw all my old hair (and most of the insecure parts of my personality) fall dramatically to the floor.

Average shoulder-length blonde girl was nowhere to be seen. Instead, in her place was someone who felt like they finally belonged in the city and someone who had something more unique to offer the world. There is nothing more refreshing than feeling like you are ready to take on a new challenge or make new promises to yourself with a newly found motivation. This is why we love celebrating the New Year so much. It gives us a time to identify what the negative influences are on our lives and celebrate our successes and the good times with our best friends. It’s also a time to make commitments to ourselves.

By cutting our hair off, or changing our diet, or quitting smoking, or throwing out the contents of our alcohol cupboard or making up with a friend that you’ve not spoken to all year you are making a point that things will be different.

It is often the case that we need to drastically change something if we want to change anything at all. A moment of ‘let’s do this’ is the start of something longer term, less painful and positive. Even if it’s that you finally put that T-shirt belonging to your ex-boyfriend in the bin after hiding it under the bed for so long, or buying a pair of new trainers to go running in. Or pulling out some of the overgrown weeds in the garden that made it resemble a miniature jungle. It’s these things that make a difference in the long-run and our little ways of saying ‘it’s going to be different today”.

As 20-somethings, we are all still experimenting with life. I know I am.  But if we are happy to trial new jobs, new boyfriends/girlfriends, new friends, new outfits, new apartments, new places for lunch, then why is it so frightening to trial new things when it comes to ourselves and our looks? This isn’t just about hair. It’s about making bold statements that help us make a change. Whatever that might be.



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  1. Miss Feebs says:

    I feel the same way about my hair. At the moment I’ve been growing it to be a good bridesmaid for my friend next Friday. But after that, I’m free and so will be my hair be – time for the chop!!

  2. Melissa says:

    I’ve always cherished my hair, and before If I’d have had a bad hair cut I’d of cried & cried and not left the house without a hat!
    Earlier this week I had my hair dramatically chopped & shaved at the back, its definitely a confidence thing. To know that even if its not you, or you don’t like it, or actually, you love it, it doesn’t matter, is liberating! Old me is gone & new me is here!!!

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