August 16, 2012

How I feel about August

For some reason, I always get reflective around August time. It’s a month engrained in my brain to be some sort of turning point. A time where I myself “OK, cool, soooooo what’s next? Are you happy? Are you really CRAZILY insanely happy?”

I guess it goes back to the milestones of growing up and trying to carve some sort of path to success.

August 2007  – A LEVEL RESULTS THIS MONTH! (phew, they were pretty good). Right, bye school, see ya, thanks for teaching me loadsa stuff. You’re well and truly gone now – we’ve had just our leaver’s party. I hugged my psychology teacher for a bit too long. It got awkward. It’s just, I  knew I was going to really miss him.

August 2008 – Hey, that went quick – summer hols are over. I’ve had a whole year doing the Uni thing. No one’s pregnant, no one’s failed yet, no one’s had alcohol poisoning (yet). We’ll all good.

August 2009  – Second year has arrived. Realise that I actually need to go to library and do some studying. This time next year I’ll have left. I need to start thinking about what I’m gonna DO. Like, in life.

August 2010 – Woah woah WOAH. I’ve  got a degree – and I’ve got a job in London.  A real one with a desk and a phone and stuff. Shit. Wonder what it’s gonna be like. Oh and I better find somewhere to live.

August 2011 – Hmmm. I liked the job, but I’ve realised the bit of it I liked wasn’t ALL of it. I reckon I could get a job just doing the bits I like/am good at. I’ll consult Google.

August 2012 – I like this new job!! Been here a year now. Time to reflect on how to keep this career thing moving.

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