August 21, 2012

does he love football more than he loves you

Putting your email address on your website is bascially saying ‘HEY [any human being that may stumble onto this site], wanna email me some really random or completely dull? or tell me your life story? or send me a HEFTY press release? Go ahead, please! Spam me like never before.”

But today, this didn’t happen! In fact, I actually received something that made me open it and read it and think ‘ooooh.’  (I’ll get onto it in a minute). 

So, the topic of this post = Football. 

I don’t really watch it a lot; I do the standard thing of getting really into the World Cup and this year the Euros. If I get a good seat, concentrate and if the atmosphere around me is buzzing then I’ll probably have a good time and do some heart-felt ‘oohs’ and ‘ahhs’ and ‘hugging the person I don’t know next to me’ when someone scores. 

But, I’ve always silently noticed that when guys watch football, it isn’t always just a pint + a laugh and light entertainment. They actually really care about this stuff. They really really care. They jump and scream and shout and tug at their hair and run their hands down their faces if their team is losing or a team member is hurt; it’s a serious matter and they clearly feel so close to what is happening on the pitch. When it comes to the scoreboard they suddenly have perfect memory skills and planning life around the seasonal calendar means they become scarily organised. A myriad of emotions also tend to surface that may not have not been displayed in ‘real’ life before. I’ve noticed that a team’s performance can affect a guy’s mood for the whole evening. 

I know their must be a reason for this. Bromance/ male bonding/ supporting your city / the competitive edge/ being able to let out stress / watching your team go on a journey / following a key player. I imagine there are lots of other factors. But I’ve noticed first from my male relatives when younger and then with boys/boyfriends that when the football (or said sport) is on, they have total tunnel vision. You could be burning the contents of their wallet beside them and they wouldn’t notice. It’s like they have been hypnotised for to do staring at TV for 45 minutes, beer refill for 15 minutes, staring at TV for 45 minutes…*snap* and awake. 

This leads me on to the subject title of my inbox message: Do Football fans love their team more than their partner? I nearly choked. But, more surprisingly, the voice in my head actually said ‘WELL DO THEY?’*

* They don’t**
**Do they??

Here’s the video from PUMA, Newcastle United Football Club and The University of Bristol using their research skills to answer this age old (and kind of concerning) question:

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