August 23, 2012

leave prince harry alone

Let’s be honest: all of this ‘scandalous’ behaviour from Prince Harry makes us like him even more. There is something so refreshing about being constantly reminded the Royals aren’t a different species to the rest of us – he is a 28-year-old lad and he is loving the perks. 

Just like Kate Mid has made it feel obtainable to get her look as she shops at places like Zara and Whistles, we now feel like we could be Prince Harry’s mate. He’s doing the things we all see every day from our friends on Facebook – naked tagged photos, too many drinks, getting close to the opposite sex, rolling out of nightclubs. On the other side of that, he does a lot for our country whether it’s charity, military or public duties. 

Let’s stop making him feel nervous about just having fun and support the fact that he is a character and an awesome Royal. I feel really proud that our British monarchy have a bit of personality.  🙂


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  1. hasanyoneseenlynn says:

    Completely agree. And that photo is just brilliant.

  2. Christine says:

    Agree! I think it’s just funny though. Love him 🙂

  3. Kerry says:

    Totally agree….leave him alone….he’s young free & single, not hurting anyone! He’s fab!

  4. Michelle says:

    Well done you for saying all of that. Prince Harry is just a young guy who likes alot of fun, and why shouldn’t he. Every time i see a photo of him it just makes me smile. Great guy

  5. Daniella says:

    All he should be doing is bowing down and saying “you’re welcome.”

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