August 24, 2012

You can’t pay people to like you

This may be obvious information but today I felt the need to put a reminder message out into the world.

You can’t pay for someone to like you. And this relates to all sorts of things. Yes, we learn this at University when there is a token fresher who has bucket loads of cash and will always be the one ‘getting the rounds in’, people like this person, they think he’s nice, they appreciate the drinks, they really do. But, this is not the foundations for a solid friendship.

Old men that hang out on also cannot pay for people to like them. There’s a difference. They can pay young attractive women to pretend to like you. There’s the point. When you throw money at things, you are not building a genuine relationship – you are building a fake one and people feel indebted to you. This doesn’t mean the same as liking you.

So, how does this relate to the advertising/social media/ branding world?

In the exact same way. Just because you are splashing the big bucks on online ads, or giving away freebies to bloggers, doesn’t mean people will automatically like you. They might pretend to like you for the free stuff, or they might ignore you, or regardless of that million pounds you just spent, they might already like you. In which case, it’s not necessary to spam people.

Here’s what to do instead. This relates to real life and the PR/advertising world:

  • Only spend money on online advertising/paid promotion if IT’S SOMETHING COOL that people actually want to see.
  • Eyeballs doesn’t mean guaranteed popularity
  • People notice bad advertising – it can be detrimental
  • It’s more about the word SOCIAL than MEDIA – network, post fun content, be human and personable online, build relationships
  • Followers doesn’t just mean influence
  • Have a GOOD message, don’t spam people
  • If people keep seeing the same, boring ad. You will lose fans.
  • Promoted posts are only successful if they look like they are meant to be there – so BE CLEVER
  • Remember: it’s not about the ad itself, it’s about the message.

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  1. Sascha says:

    Great post. It’s true: being likable isn’t something that can be bought.

  2. Hana says:

    Such a refreshing read. This is so true. Thinking about things like this makes me feel like the adult world is like a big school playground lol. Does that make sense?

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