September 03, 2012

Fashion Questions From A Fashion Wannabe

So, it’s nearly London Fashion Week time again. I normally pop along and last year I had a lovely experience hosted by Elizabeth Arden at London Fashion Weekend. There’s a blog post about it on here somewhere. I’m now unable to live without my 8 hour cream as no one enjoys a cracked lip.

So, on the topic of fashion, I have some questions for people who are far more fashionable than I am. Any responses I will be eternally grateful:

  • Heels. How the frig do you wear heels in the day time? I see so many people in office walking around so casually in high heels and not stumbling or wincing once. What am I doing wrong?
  • Leggings. I think I understand leggings – so they’re to wear under dresses when it’s a bit short and tights look too slaggy? Or to wear at the gym with a long t-shirt. But not as trousers right?
  • VPL. Last time I checked seeing a pant-line is still not in fashion. I see so many people wearing tight trousers/skirts with no line. I always get one. Is this where you must go underwear-less?
  • Turn-ups. Is it OK to turn up your trousers? I know ‘ankle-huggers’ are a big no-no, but i though making your jeans slightly shorter with wedges/flats was OK?
  • See-through blouses. What do you do? Strappy top underneath? Bra showing? NUDE BRA?
  • Spanx. OK, but just don’t let anyone know, yeah?
  • Fake tan. Out of fashion now I thought. TOWIE made it look tacky right? I don’t want to be orange. Is it best to fake tan a little bit? Or is it now or never that I embrace my paleness?
  • Quiffs. I still love a quiff (I have short hair). But I don’t want to look like a les.
  • Blazers. 90’s Topshop. Out?
  • Studs. OK if you don’t wear them around your neck?
  • Double Denim. Ok if you go two-tone?
  • Collars collars collars collars collars collars collars collars
  • Fakes. Great souvenir from your holiday in Thailand but an embarrassment when in public? Don’t wear it if it’s not the real deal is what i’ve heard.
  • The two piece: Buy one. If not, make one.
  • Leather. Too much is never too much.
  • Lace. Out?
  • Socks with heels. In?

I probably have more. Tons more. I’ll add them as real-life experiences normally prompt this fashion faux-pas.

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  1. RE blouses (I LIVE in silk blouses), as a ‘curvier’ girl I normally go for a strappy top underneath, sometimes with interesting colour clash (dusky pink under navy blue – I think it works?). Petite girls can more easily get away with just a bra underneath, but I reckon pretty plain decorative number works better than a nude t-shirt bra. Shows you know your bra is on show, but isn’t too slutty. Hope you have a great time!

  2. Fee says:

    RE heels: I have no idea how other girls do it, most heels make my feet bleed (often quite literally) and if they don’t have straps, I slip out. Maybe my feet aren’t made for heels? But I’m really tall, so I can’t wear the very high, pretty heels anyway…

    RE pant lines: not pretty, I agree. I usually wear soft, lacy underwear so there’s no panty line – it works!

    RE fake tan: embrace the paleness! I’m pale myself and have had my share with experiments – my skin always goes orange and it’s not pretty. Bottom line is, everyone knows when it’s fake tan, so I think it’s best to stick with what you’ve got.

    RE blazers: I don’t know what you’re talking about, I love blazers 😉 as long as they’re not 80s-neon-colored, that is… black or rose-colored are my favorites.


  3. Lauren says:

    Heels just take practice, and a chunkier heel is going to be much easier to walk around in. You are exactly right about leggings.
    VPL – yes, sometimes you do have to go sans panties, however, you can also get panties that do not show lines, or do the spanx thing. Also, pants and skirts should not be so tight that you can see so much. You can turn up your pants, it looks chic. If you have shorter legs, turn them up higher; you just don’t want to look cut off. Spanx yes and try not to let anyone see but it is not taboo to wear. No fake tan, it is bad, however, a tinted moisturizer that provides a gradual light tint over time is ok as it will even out skin tone if you need it. Blazers in, always and whatever looks good on you, just go with it. Studs if you like them, wear them just not too much in one look. Fakes never. I despise double denim, don’t care what anyone says – it looks bad. Love leather. Lace yes, all depends on what you like and what looks good on you. I don’t care for socks with heels, this is more of an editorial look. Sheer blouses, I usually wear a fancier bra in the same tone as the sheer blouse, depending on where I am going I may wear a brighter bra under the shirt, but this is reserved for the right place right time. If I am going more conservative I will wear a cami under the sheer blouse instead of just a bra. I am not totally into trends, I have a more classic style sense with a little edge but may add some trends in small doses when I want to try something new. Basically, just be you!

  4. Thank you SO MUCH for these comments. honestly so helpful as i just don’t have a clue 🙂 good bits of advice in there, <3 xxxxxxxxx

  5. Sascha says:

    Leggings as pants is a big no-no! I mostly use them for “in-between weather” when it’s too hot for tights but not warm enough to go bare-legged. But if you can do bare legs, I’d recommend that!

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