September 05, 2012

PDA: how much is too much?

Public Displays of Affection. How do you feel about it? It seems as though with any hot weather in Britain we get cute things like freckles, ice creams, summer dresses and bbqs. Lovely. Sun is OUT and with it brings good mood and party spirit. HOWEVER: It also brings outdoor locations perfect for the frisky, loved up couples to display their sexual desires. 

It’s basically a proven face that hot weather makes us frisky. So when the sunshine is out, so is the sex bug. Maybe it’s the extra skin we are all showing. Short shorts instead of gross winter tights. Crop tops instead of granny cardigans. “Let’s all get naked together and roll around in the park” they say. But, due to that little neurone in our brain that makes sure we don’t get sacked/arrested/kicked out of school, one must hold back on doing inappropriate things in public. 

So, this brings me on to the point of this little article. What do we DO when we see shameless PDA right in front of us when the rest of us manage to keep ourselves restrained? Look you two (referring to the couple of there who are literally having wide open foreplay), I am not caressing my boyfriend right now, because, like, no one wants to see it…so… please stop.  But what if they don’t stop? Then what? This is what normally happens: people start to find the slurping a little off-putting and their picnic has remained untouched; casually, slowly, maybe whilst whistling, they tiptoe off with their picnic basket to another side of the park. Phew, we’ve escaped the couple who are trying for a baby. But, ah yes – we’ve just landed on another one. 

So what do you do? Do you tap them on the shoulder and say through the side of your month ‘look, guys, I’m with my grandmother and she’s finding your loud smooching a little They used to get married before locking lips back in the day”‘. Or do we stare at them until they stop? But does that make us look bitter and twisted and single?

I asked on Twitter the other day what peeps generally thought about PDA. The feedback was mixed. Some hated it with an overwhelming passion, feeling as though they were ‘practically in bed with the couple’ and no one wants a threesome they’re not prepared for. Others thought it was rather sweet and any openly affectionate behavior didn’t bother them in the slightest and sometimes even give them a little knowing wink. But the most resounding comment that stuck with me was this one: the fact that their opinion on PDA and couples completely depended on whether or not they were single at the time. Maybe this is something that rings true with many things. Not just with PDA, but the fact that we can be more happy for someone if we too are happy. Even with a friend buying a new house, getting a shiny new job, losing weight or getting a Zac Efron-bodied new boyfriend. Of course we’re always happy for them but it’s easier to be WOOHOO happy for them if we are also feeling awesome too?  So to this point, are we more forgiving to PDA when we, ourselves, are in love? 

Obviously those couples on the beach or in the park that are hands-down-pants rauchy is not something any of us want to see. I have witnessed some seriously pornographic behaviour in my time (mainly late at night down Kingsland road but that’s another story). There is a line. Any nakedness should definitely be saved for the privacy of a bedroom. But, on the tamer end of the PDA spectrum I think we should all be a little more forgiving. Instead of rolling our eyes, we could smile and think it’s nice to see two young kids fancying each other. No tongues though please. 

What do you think? Does PDA make you smile, or vom?

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  1. Emma says:

    I hate it! (And I have a boyfriend) I think it’s so unnecessary! The ‘crowded tube carriage PDA’ is the worst, hardly the most romantic setting surely….

  2. Fee says:

    A sweet kiss or holding hands in public is super cute, I don’t think anyone should be against that – but some couples simply have no boundaries and it tends to get gross and just a little TMI. Either way I agree that sometimes PDA makes me sad and slightly jealous, just because I’m single right now… sorry, couples, carry on!

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