September 07, 2012

26th September: Secrets Behind Social Content

Exciting news – 

It’s now been announced that I will speaking at the ‘Secrets Behind Social Content‘ event as part of Social Media Week, set up by the Content Creation Collective. 

I create content daily in my work and personal life. Whether it’s writing an article, making a short reporting video on a flipcam (ala London Fashion Week) or creating a really shareable image for a global brand on Facebook.  It’s a big part of marketing, branding, blogging and social media planning. Normal life and work life are starting to merge, we get to follow our favourite brands on Instagram and chat to actual people (behind the brand) on Twitter instead of horrible phone calls. Content is at the heart of everything we do on the Internet, and it’s now more important than ever.

Whether you’re digital executive, blogger, writer, designer, producers, videographers, this is totally for you.

“We all work in a time when there’s a focus on quality content like never before… the convergence of journalism, design, SEO, copywriting, music supervision, blogging, PR, videography, software dev and social media has made content creators the new superstars of the online stage.” – CCC

To join the group, all you need to do is sign up here and wait for your account to approved, then you can starting joining up to events and networking with other amazing content creators in sorts of artistic fields of work. 


To come along to the Social Media Week event hosted by CCC, click on the Social Media Week event link HERE.

It’s on the HMS President, they’ll be a bar on the boat, lots of mingling and I’ll be doing a 30 minute talk of brand voices in social media.

Sign up!!! 🙂


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