September 10, 2012

Paris makes me…

– Swing my bag around like a small child
– Not be scared of heights (that Eiffel Tower is HIGH)
– Feel excited just about just sitting in a cafe
– Lets me pretend I’m Audrey Hepburn for a minute
– Incredibly snap happy
– Emotional about views 
– Even more obsessed with vin rouge
– Want to be fluent in French i.e the language of love
– Watch Amelie on repeat
– Dip my feet in the river
-Write poetry 
– Eat a shitload of ice cream
– Tell everyone I j’adore them and the world
– Get a pet cat
– Paint

– Own a bike
– Take vintage clothes a bit more seriously
– Stroke a Chanel bag

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  1. Emma, ma belle, on se fait une papote quand tu veux 😉

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