September 13, 2012

(East) London Fashion Week starts tomorrow

I was never that into fashion. I kind of thought: meh, if people judge you by what you’re wearing then screw you. 

I believed that if I remained relatively on trend and had an inkling of what was cool then I’d get by and not have worry so much about breaking boundaries and joining in with the fashion elite.

But, guess what – there is no fashion elite. 

The days of scrolling through magazines and religiously sticking to what the celebrities or models are wearing is over. It’s about us now, it’s about everyone. It’s about street style, vintage style, shabby chic, just-out-bed-hair, stuff your Grandma gave you. Anything. If you like it, then that’s it. You’re fashionable.

Only recently I had this wonderful epiphany. I’m now ENJOYING fashion. I’m ENJOYING playing around with different looks and being silly and hey, you don’t have to take it too seriously!

I had an awesome day today meeting some of the team from Fashion East – Lulu Kennedy’s (who’s often called the ‘fashion fairy godmother) project she started a fair few years ago which focuses on mentoring brand new talent. One of the designers was 22 year old Claire Barrow who’s known for her talent of bringing old clothes back to life and customising the shit out of leather jackets. Even Rihanna wore one for a stage show. 

This little studio in East London made me realise that fashion doesn’t have to be huge factories, bossy editors and churning out clothes that want to sell or make consumers buy into something ridiculous. It’s about individuality. Working with people and finding out what suits them. Tailoring pieces of clothing to bring out someone’s personality. Expressing yourself. Not giving a shit. Wearing something because you feel like it. Doing something with your hair to show what mood you’re in that day. Making something from scratch. Painting an old pair of jeans bright pink. Whatever. 

This new look on fashion and realising that it really can be the most creative thing you do in your daily life was a really great experience. I now don’t look at the fashion world in the same way. I don’t think about it being something only wealthy people can do. It’s not about designer labels, just designers. Wearing clothes you care about and that came from passion and hard work is so much more appealing that shopping in a mass market superstore.

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  1. Sascha says:

    Love this post! Fashion is (or should be) all about creativity, not elite.

  2. Tany says:

    I don’t know if it’s because I finally got girly but for me and at least where I live fashion had a bloom in these last five years. Clothes are finally fun and I enjoy changing looks all the time. I also started looking for smaller brands who have, most of the times, more unique things that the larger ones right now. It’s so good to feel well dressed, pretty by an accesible price.

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