September 19, 2012

quality over quantity

That old chestnut. But I really have noticed that the more I do – the less proud of it I am.

A multi-tasker by  nature, I am constantly trying to be Octopus-woman and do lots of things all at once. But the catch is, it’s not actually possible. I’m sure there’s some sort of answer in a neurobiology book somewhere that says the brain can only focus properly on one task at hand.

My mission now is to stop trying to be amazing at 100 things, because I’ll only end up being disappointed at 100 half-good things. Instead, I’ll pick 3, or 2, or even 1.

Just 1 think to keep good at, to put my effort into and make it awesome and a big success.

The problem is, when you juggle your work and your hobby – which one do you pick?

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