October 22, 2012

10 thousand pounds??

What’s my favourite thing about working at Edelman? Hmm let me think. Is it the fact it is to date the world’s largest social PR company meaning there are often opportunities knocking to hop across the globe, or that there’s a free bar on Thursdays, or those gooey brownies in café or that the Summer parties include photobooths that often come in the shape of an old-school London taxi? Or maybe my flame-haired colleague, who threatens jokingly that he’ll ‘punch me in the boob’ if I forget to put sugar in his cup of tea? 

There are lots of reasons why it’s a good place to work, and maybe that’s why Edelman was voted top PR agency in the Sunday Times 100 Best Places To Work For as well Ad Age’s top 30 Best Places to Work this year. 

Well. There’s more. 

This year, the consumer division of Edelman, JCPR, is celebrating it’s 25th anniversary. 25 years of being really cool, bascially. With clients like Starbucks, Ebay, Johnson&Johnson, Bose, to name but a few – their clients reflect the people that work there – socially savvy, creative minded and very much ‘in the know’.  There is no newspaper left unturned, or party unattended, or coverage opportunity missed, and on top of all that, they still have time to make it look effortless. It’s pretty fast moving this scary PR world and JCPR are basically running the entire show. Whilst wearing really good shoes.

So, because Edelman is one of those commendable companies that actually like young people and continue to foster talent, this anniversary has turned into revealing an opportunity for any creative souls out there to get in on the action.

If you are passionate about communications, enjoy ‘thinking outside of the box’ and like a challenge, perhaps it’s time to step up to the JCPR Storyfication award in which you could not only open that heavy door to one of the most sought after PR companies, but also win £10,000 in return. If you have an idea of interesting way to tell a story: along the lines of the ones who get the jobs because they put a CV on a paper aeroplane or made a video using only Mac Folders. You can be as bonkers as you like – all you have to do is be innovative in the process.

To quote the MD of JCPR herself, Ruth Warder, explains:

“JCPR as an agency has been telling stories for 25 years. Our values haven’t changed but the way in which we work has. This initiative is to invest in the next 25 years, to support up and coming new talent but also to create a platform for young hopefuls to get noticed and do some brilliant creative work. It’s an open brief – we are inviting applications from those with multi-disciplinary backgrounds – film, design, animation, comedy – as well as marketing.”

Keep an eye out here for more information: http://www.jcpr.com/

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