November 17, 2012


It seems odd, but I rarely have time to think any more. The only time I am truly left alone to think is on my walk home from the station to/from my house. I feel blessed to be working in a job I love, an have external opportunities outside of work which I am encouraged by all to take. Writing gigs, speaking opportunities, time to travel for both business and pleasure. It really is a perfect situation for me, being my most happy when I am too busy to ever get even a tiny bit bored.

This time, whilst walking up the road to my front door, I was just thinking about my absolute love of books. Books to me, really are my favourite medium of escapism. Don’t get my wrong, I love films, I even did half of my degree as a film course which was amazing to do – but for me – books are more personal. The characters are not delivered to you on a plate, and like in a film, we can’t see what they look like. We make them up as we read them, maybe we base some characters on people we know or met once, and not every character in a book will look or feel the same to every person. Every read of one book is unique to that person, and to me that makes it really extra special.

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  1. Tany says:

    For me, it depends. I like movies because they can make you feel something that maybe just another human being can give it to you. A sense that you are not alone at that moment you are having a problem or just someone that makes you laugh easily than in books but in the other hand, books are the best friend that you can have, someone you can always count and that nobody can ruin it for you. It’s just great we have both. We have tons of movies and books that can inspire us everyday.

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