November 23, 2012

a turkish talk

Bumerang is a Turkish Blog platform who have kindly invited me to partcipate in their Award Ceremony &  “Best Content” Centre Workshop on 29 November. We will be exploring in the workshop more effective techniques for publishing, advertising, blogging.. and participants will be encouraged to share new ideas in the field of content marketing. 

So. Giving talks is sometimes a bit nerve racking. It’s like when you’re about to go on stage in the school play but on an adult scale. You know your lines, because you’ve practiced them over and over again. In your head, in your bedroom, in the garden, in the kitchen. Those lines are part of you for the time being and there is no way you’ll forget them. 

Or will you?

The reason why doing speaking gigs is actually MUCH more fun that any sort of stageshow is because actually, it’s OK to forget your lines. In fact, it’s better when you do. This is the thing: you are speaking, not reading from a script. You are projecting your voice and you are trying to make it as interesting as possible. But it’s not putting on a show. It’s connecting with an audience in a real way. The best part is, when you’re speaking about something you are passionate about and know innately, sometimes when you’re speaking it’s as natural as breathing.

Next week, I will be giving a talk in Turkey, Istanbul in front of 200 people (with a translator next to me). It’s on personal branding, about the internet. About how any one with a passion and an internet connection can build a brand using social media.

I am excited. More updates to follow.

The itinerary: 

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