November 23, 2012


One of my favourite places: Marrakech.

It’s busy, it’s chaotic, but it’s so magical and completely sweeps you away from your mundane routine and plonks you right in the middle of something culturally different. I love how open the space is. Every where you look there’s someone making, selling, cooking something. You can peak through a slightly ajar door or stoned alleyway and have a little glimpse into someone else’s life. It feels so safe but at the same time exhilarating and new.

I had a lovely time with a lovely person. We stayed at Riad Clementine and mostly relaxed and enjoyed roaming the city. If anyone has any recommendations on where is good to go outside of the city, I’m up for exploring more of Morocco. please let me know!

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  1. Hannah Burke says:

    Marrakech looks so lovely, I’ve always wanted to go to Morocco! x

  2. Ali says:

    Hey, moroccan guy here:

    You can try Essaouira (for the calm-but-exhilarating-at-the-same-time vibe, also Jimi Hendrix lived there – my favourite city in Morocco for back-packing), Fès (if you want to be surrounded with moroccan tradition, be it in food, architecture or fashion), or Casablanca (the most ‘western’ city in the country with lots of awesome nightclubs and quite a busy-noisy vibe, but it has a beautiful, peaceful beach connected to downtown (place is called ‘La Corniche’) and is home to the biggest mosque in North-Africa, I believe (the Mosque Hassan II, and it is open to all). Also, Casablanca has 5 huge souks (traditional markets) dispatched all around the city, and each of them is really worth the trip.

    Finally, I had to say that the North of Morocco is also really really worth it: every building and house is painted in white and teal (it’s quite a sight), the best fish i’ve ever had in my life, and a truckload of exquisite natural sites.


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