November 26, 2012

Blogging is for everyone

I have lots of fashion blogger friends, some are girls and some are boys. One of my favourite boy blogger blogs (bit of a mouthful!) is @Stu_Bradley’s blog Not So Lonely Londoners – an example of a man blogging about day to day fashion. It’s a lifestyle blog that is universal and regardless of gender, an interesting read.

Other blogs that I enjoy reading are photography blogs such as The Sartorialist, and in fact this blog was among the first blogs I ever discovered years ago, and inspired me to get involved. Against, shocker, a man who blogs about fashion.

I am not sitting here just bigging up men, obviously it’s true there are so many amazing women bloggers out there. But, saying ‘fashion is mainly for women’ or even hinting at that fact is completely ridiculous.

Today, I noticed a few tweets circulating about an article in this month’s Company magazine. It was titled “Sisters are Blogging It For Themselves”. The front page read “Blogging: Why It’s a Girls World”. Really?

The article really aggravated me. The tone was really over the top and kind of patronising, basically shouting ‘go girls’ at all of the female readers, because haven’t we had such a hard time in the past and obviously we need reminding of the glass ceiling and a big morale boost.

The last paragraph hammers home how hypercritical the piece is, when she wraps up by saying:

“you could argue that makes us no better than the sexist male controllers of Mad-Men era-advertising but surely it’s our turn to gloat?”

‘Gloating’ is not what feminism is about. This, in fact, by singling out men, is not feminism at all. Feminism is about equality, and this whole article is basically poking fun at men and purposefully trying to leave them out.

She goes on:

“With the concept of Men’s Fashion Week gaining in profile – London hosted its first this year – one never knows what’s round the corner. So, for now, go sisterhood!”

This sounds a bit insecure if you ask me. Men’s fashion is not a new thing. It’s a great thing. There are so many amazing male fashion designers in the world, so it’s no surprise that there are great fashion bloggers too.

Let’s stop battling it out and relax in the belief that fashion is for everyone.

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  1. Ondo Lady says:

    I read this article on Stu’s blog (which I love by the way) and I could see exactly where he was coming from. Women have strived for decades to gain equal rights, lets not set us back a couple of centuries by putting others down.

  2. Diana says:

    Can’t agree more!Sartorialist was pretty much the reason I started blogging,Look at Phil Oh,or Jak and Jil. I think it’s an equal play,it’s not a war of the sexes here! Great post Em xx

  3. misstenelle says:

    I strongly agree with this post, especially the last few sentences. It’s great that Company support and celebrate blogging as much as they do, but I was taken aback by the blogging article in this month’s issue. I frequently come across guys who are interested in sharing their opinions and style online or already doing so. It’s refreshing and blogging shouldn’t be a contest between men and women.

    It’s not surprising that the next issue of Company (January 2013) will be dedicated to all female ‘Super Bloggers’.

    Tenelle x

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