December 22, 2012

yes, dawn.

I love Dawn Porter.

“I wish judgmental women would stop telling other women off. It doesn’t do anyone any good. Stop moaning and using the word ‘feminism’ as a way to undermine women who are not like you – lighten up. I don’t mean write books about your sexual escapades (I did that), or experiment with lesbianism (I did that too), or flash your tits at the Houses of Parliament (whoops, that’ll be a hat trick), as those were my choices and they don’t have to be yours. But stop trying to push your often-outdated views onto me and all the other women like me. The focus should be more on the women who really have a problem – the ones who are victims of extreme self-loathing because of the media, the ones who are subject to aggressive sexism. It is the catalysts to those problems you should be telling off. Someone like me taking my clothes off to make women have a laugh about wobbly bits isn’t a problem, why waste your breath making it one?”

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