January 02, 2013

Happy New Year x x

1st of January 2013. I thought this date is definitely worthy of a late night blog post.

I’m never entirely sure how you’re meant to feel on New Year’s Eve. Half of me is in a bit of dazed reflective mode and the other is just so excited for the chance to have a ‘fresh start’ again for another year. I know people roll their eyes when others turn all mushy and sentimental e.g texting their entire phonebook to say I love you but I can’t really help it. For me it’s a time to remember all of those people who have stayed with you over the years and also celebrate new friends. It’s also a time to try new things, change something, or just be grateful for all the experiences you’ve had. I don’t buy into Christmas or New Year’s being the ‘best day / night of your life’ because it hardly ever is. You can’t plan fun. But the idea that everyone in the world is celebrating all at the same time is pretty awesome. That reminds me, look how cool this picture is.

One of my main resolutions (although I don’t really like the word) is to just try a little bit harder. Over the years I’ve realised that making really ambitious resolutions (i.e I’m going to go on 6am runs everday) just doesn’t really work and instead makes you feel shitty and a failure from the start. I’m just doing baby steps to achieve mine. Little things that probably aren’t noticeable to anyone else. Things in my own head like not judging a situation straight away, or making an effort with someone who looks like they need a friendly face, Stuff like not getting jealous or irrational. Reading more books instead of tweeting. And lighter things like reading longer more articulate articles than just scanning the Daily Mail.

I also don’t feel like it’s a bad thing to feel a bit sad on New Year’s eve. When texting one of my best friends in the morning asking how her night was she it was really good, but “cried a lot though”. I said I cried a bit too. To us, (we’re all openly emotional) this was OK. It’s OK to have a sob in the toilets because a) the year of the Olympics is over b) happy tears I’ve had the best year of my life c) we’re getting older d) you’re homesick etc. 

New year, new beginnings. No crazy resolutions, just little smaller things I want to change in order to be a bigger better person for 2013. 

What little things will you be changing?

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