January 04, 2013

Made In Shoreditch magazine


This blog post is dedicated to Made In Shoreditch magazine and all the amazing people that have contributed to it over the years. I started writing for MIS in 2011, a mixture of posts that involved interviewing a journalist from Wired after being captivated by a talk he did at the Book Club, as well as chatting about a party at Shoreditch House and pubs like the Waterpoet.

MIS was the first website magazine that I started writing for, and in between working the day job, it offered me a creative outlet and a place to chat to new people. One person who I enjoyed meeting was talented photographer Rafaela, who’s Shoreditch street-style round-ups really were one of its kind. She’d captured the secretive corners of Dalston through a heated camera; the more fascinating to look at the better. It’s not what’s-on-the-highstreet, it’s the hidden style of cafe chefs, bikers, girls in boy clothes, people with mental shoes and ridiculous moustaches. You can find lots of her photographs on the MIS Facebook page in multiple photo albums.

Giedrius and Thomas are the editors. They are really cool people and have always been an inspiration right from the beginning when they had first started out. Money was limited but it didn’t let it bring them down. Facebook groups and email lists were always kept on top of, letting us group of writers know what was coming up with the magazine, launch parties we could go to, fashion hide-outs, plays at tiny theatres, or little boutique shops that sell quoted cushions that we should pop on down to and write about.

Made In Shoreditch launched the first issue of the printed edition at the end of last year. This month they’ve released their second edition of the magazine and it’s looking amazing. The magazine can be found in places such as American Apparel, Google Campus, Queen of Hoxton, Rich Mix Cinema, any many more  – grab a copy, it’s full to burst with really unique stuff.


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