January 16, 2013

confidence, cohen.


Remember when the O.C was the best programme EVER MADE? And nothing else could even COME CLOSE? I remember every Tuesday it wasn’t called Tuesday anymore, oh no, not any old school night – it had been re-branded the ‘O.C (dont-talk-to-me-between-9-10pm) NIGHT’, it would mean a friend coming over to watch it with me amongst countless snacks and the phone would need to be fully charged in order to text your entire phone book quotes from the episode during the break. (I know this all sounds rather pathetic, but I was 17, gimme a break).

Whilst every one was brushing their shiny locks and getting tips from Summer’s sassy way of talking to boys, or how-to-do-a-cute-braid from girl-next-door Marissa, I was always way more interested in that kooky girl that wears weird outfits, aka Anna Stern (a.k.a Samaire Armstrong) ‘cos she was just COOLER than the others and seriously how could she pull off wearing those golfer style hats?. I think she could skate board and stuff. In her OC bio she is described as ‘not a cookie-cutter Newport girl’ and ‘a guy’s girl’, whatever that means. Breaking the mould people. Any way, brain dump. Moving on with my day.

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