January 21, 2013

New Friday Fix


Hi all,

Hope you had an enjoyable weekend in the snow! Perhaps you reverted back to your younger five-year-old self and messed around in the slippery roads throwing snowballs. This is exactly what I did.  Well actually I tried to avoid getting hit by them by wielding a hefty umbrella. But I did slide down some bumpy snowy hills on an old ‘for sale’ sign and falling over until I couldn’t feel my toes any more. I love snow. Not so much when it turns icy and messes up your new Topshop shoes but it makes everything brighter and more interesting. Not sure if that applies to the TFL system, but you know.

So anyway – last Friday I had my first viral news round-up go live on the Telegraph!

Telegraph Wonder Women to be exact. It’s the new women’s section of the paper – it’s for sassy, irreverent and intelligent women and touches on all sort’s of things from politics, business, family, life and sex. If this sounds like you, then get following the channel on Twitter @TeleWonderWomen.

Here’s my news round-up. this week talking Lena Dunham, Beyoncé and the iPotty:


Look out for it every Friday, it will consist of the funniest, bizarre and interesting news happening on the world wide web. Not to be missed.

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