February 02, 2013

Mountain Air


Woops. I have neglected my blog again it seems.

I am sitting in a cafe in Les Arcs, Bourg St Maurice ordering random drinks in return for their WIFI connection. The others have gone skiing (it’s our last day) but I have a scratch on my head and a bruise on my bottom from sliding down mountains on skis and also from crawling back home from a night club called ‘Apocalypse’.

When you are in need of a mental break, nothing really competes with a skiing holiday. I was definitely in need of one of those: a holiday where you are physically active each day but your brain does not have to think about ANYTHING. All you have to think about it is whether to dodge a bit of ice or what time to have your Twix or vin chaud. We have been skiing every day (apart from yesterday when I was so hungover that instead I made a day of ‘going to the shop’).

I feel refreshed, rejuvenated and ready to tackle London town once again. I believe in allowing yourself some mental space, no one should ever feel like a slave to their job.  Well, not all the time any way.

I miss the silence already.

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