February 08, 2013

rosetta stone.

Sometimes you get emails from brands where you immediately think: great! i’ve been BCC’d into a mass marketed email (written in Comic Sans) where they are  just hoping at least one person/blogger will want to review this really random product for nothing in return.

But sometimes, you receive a lovely email about something genuinely exciting and useful – and  better still: they have clearly read your blog to understand what stuff you’re into. So thank you Rosetta Stone!

frenchFollowing my trip to Paris at the end of last year, I was rabbiting on about how much I wanted to learn French and how I felt a bit silly not knowing much of the language except reading off a few menus. I wanted to feel confident knowing a bit more to strike up conversations with the locals and picking up a bit more about the culture – especially as I kept day-dreaming on the Eurostar journey home that  one day I will live a little flat overlooking the river Seine and pretend to be Parisian.

So, lovely Rosetta Stone got in touch and gave me a six month trial for me to review. I found the learning process very engaging and fun – the homepage is easy to navigate and it’s not at all scary. The thing about language is you don’t want to feel like you don’t get it straight away because it’s easy to give up and think you’re rubbish. To my surprise, I learnt most of the basics pretty quickly and wasn’t at a chore at all. Quickly building your vocab is the first stepping stone to building a confidence in learning the language.

The stages of the programme are easily digestible and challenging but not at all overwhelming. By applying words to images without any guidance in English, I’ve picked up vocabulary and grammar naturally as if I was learning the language from scratch like a child. The constant repetition and speaking really embeds it firmly into your brain without any stress. The rapid progress I’ve made has motivated me to continue learning and keep up the progression I’ve made.

I’d really recommend the package and wanted to say a big thank you to Rosetta Stone for a really awesome chance to build up a language i’d embarrassingly forgotten since my school days.


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