February 19, 2013

happy ashley land

London Fashion Week. A week of extreme wardrobe planning, late nights and watching social media like a hawk. My Instagram is jam-packed with catwalk shows, behind the scenes sneak-peaks and words such as FROW and FASH. I am obsessed with Burberry, anything-Cara-Delevigne-does, and the Fashion East designers. and Lulu Kennedy. Oh and Mr Street Peeper aka Phil Oh.

I was lucky enough to be back stage at the Fashion East show for a client I work on (TONI&GUY Hair Meet Wardrobe) and it was absolutely amazing. The buzz was electric, with models, stylists, make-up artists, assistants all running around and checking everything was perfect. The pressure was on. The FROW had arrived and there was a seamstress stitching seconds before the first model walked. The music was booming so loud and it felt like we were launching a performance on the West End; the catwalk is a stage just like any other and there are some scary people out there ready to judgement every tiny movement.

I felt nervous for the models. But so excited for them. The way they walked in time with the music and making the fabrics sway in the most elegant way is such an amazing talent. It’s like a really slow and powerful dance as they flawlessly glide down the catwalk in a completely straight line. Some of them were so young and yet managed to remain composed the whole time.

This year I fell in love with Claire Barrow and Ashley Williams. Claire was on her hands and knees making sure all the models were perfect the minute until they went on to the catwalk; Ashley Williams had props and inspiration all around her in her clothes area, from 90’s toys to photos of Elvis Presley. Ryan Lo’s inspiration was so cool:  “the girlish and unfulfilled hope of a career-driven singleton’ such as Bridget Jones and Ally McBeal”.

I actually got emotional afterwards! Everyone was clapping and beaming at them backstage after the show and you can tell it was their moment to shine. I kept thinking to myself: “how must these guys be feeling? They just created a WHOLE FASHION SHOW!” Having been backstage at both hair-tests with stylist Mark Hampton and seeing all the preparation it was extra amazing to see the show go so well. These guys are going to be the next big thing and it’s quite clear already that fashion wouldn’t be the same without them.

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