February 20, 2013

a lotta love for Susie Bubble.


I was lucky enough to meet the lovely Susie Lau from Style Bubble last week at LFW. I really appreciate her as a modern day fashion editor/icon/ambassador (not just a “blogger” as she rightly addresses in her latest blog post.) She’s also a really out-going down-to-earth person who, yes, travels a lot and looks like she’s in this fashion whirlwind but you can tell she’s just a normal ambitious girl who sometimes needs to reflect on the crazy, fast-paced digital world of fashion. I particularly loved her latest post The Sad Clown and this excerpt from it:

That is my response from the inside, feeling as ever, like an outsider, and even more so now that there’s a general paintbrush being painted over every blogger and every person who wanted to express themselves through personal style, purely because it has become such an indiscernible mess at shows.   I don’t blame Menkes in the least.  In fact, I have a lot of respect for her for writing an article that pushes this issue to the forefront.   It has made bloggers like Medine and myself do a spot of self-reflection.  My anxieties that I outlined above are even more heightened than ever before.  That won’t stop the clashing prints and colours, the fugly shoes and the unflattering outfits.  I’m too far gone for a Breakfast Club-esque make-under.  I’m nearly thirty for god’s sake.  Still, I know I’ll be feeling like an over analytical teenager pondering what’s the point of it all, after that late Givenchy show on the Sunday night, writing up reviews, in my rented Paris apartment and eating one too many bags of mustard-flavoured crisps.

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