March 21, 2013

not so Disney.


A few weeks back I went to the cinema to watch Side Effects, the new film starring the chiseled Jude Law. The trailers came on and the first advert was for the new teen flick Spring Breakers. I had to squint to check: is that Vanessa Hudgens of High School Musical fame and little fresh-faced Selena Gomez prancing around practically naked in neon bikinis, dancing to ear-popping music and surrounded by empty bottles, smoking fags???

Yes. Yes it was. Last time I checked these two were singing high-pitched love songs by water fountains and and very much adhering to the Disney pop princess image, featuring in sticker books and tween magazines like Sugar and Mizz. They were also dating Bieber and Zac Efron who at that time, I don’t think had hit puberty. Think Zac had been quoted in a magazine saying he was struggling to grow a beard. By the looks of his current bicep area I don’t think this is still an issue. Clearly these guys have just moved on and grown up quickly and quietly.

Well, now Selena and Vanessa have come back out with a bang. Like Emma Watson shedding her Hermoine suit and Miley Cyrus’s drastic hair-cut, this is clearly their way of saying ‘let’s just stop with the squeaky clean image, I am no longer 12’. The trailer and posters splashed around are reminiscent of 90s Playboy. The girls are literally posing with their bare bum cheeks out and following a strange rapper guy around (played by James Franco). The film has received an R rating from the MPAA for “strong sexual content, language, nudity, drug use, and violence throughout”. The film has received a 18 rating from the BBFC in the UK for “hard drug use, strong sex, sexualised nudity, violence & language”.[1] 

I will definitely be seeing the film, probably out of sheer curiosity,but I definitely have my reservations. It’ll be good to see four girls take on the lead of a crime-comedy film, maybe this is going to be a darker version of the Hangover. But it’s just a bit like watching your little sister misbehaving on a night out, you have to let them do it but it’s a bit ‘oh god, be careful!’ at the same time.

The only thing that makes me nervous is the fact that these young actresses have a large following of girls who will have looked up to them since their Disney days. I hope they have a big “don’t try this at home” at the beginning of the film. Young people thinking that is it cool to prance around in a string bikini, shooting guns, following strange men with gold teeth and going to jail for stealing is NOT really what we need right now.

Rant over, I know I probably sound like someone’s mum.

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