April 04, 2013


This is a guest blog. Topic? Nostalgia by Jessica Toukatly.


Not just reminiscing about the “golden days” of uni, rather missing the carefree version of you. Would you go back to pulling all-nighters on nothing but biscuits and coffee? Unlikely, but wouldn’t you love the courage you had at 18?  When the only person in the lecture you knew was yourself; and did you really even know yourself then?

You and your ex might “never ever” be getting back together, but surely you miss things about the time you were dating. The woman you were during that period of your life. You might not like your ex any longer, but the girl he used to date was FAB!

The best part of “self nostalgia”- missing pieces of your past self- is you can find those parts within you again.  No matter how lost you may have felt at the time.  If you’re in a rut or heartbroken know that Future You isn’t just learning from your mistakes of unbalanced meals or “just for now” mates- she might even admire you. If you met younger you – what would you say to her?

(Note from Emma) P.s Have you tried Timehop? It’s an awesome app that takes you for a trip down memory lane and remember what you were doing 1 year, 2 years, or even 3 years ago to the exact day. It takes all your ‘social media memory’ and gives you old photos of yourself a year ago. I love the concept and use it every day to remember happy times from the old days and a moment to remember’ the old me’.

Jessica Toukatly is a writer and blogger, studying and working in London on and off since 2006. She has written for Kings RoadFulham RoadNotting Hill GateChelsea & Country, and most recently the newest Shop Social site ShopChelsea. You can read more of her work and things she deems interesting and entertaining on her twitter: @jtoukats or her tumblr: the pondhoppette

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  1. Denise says:

    If I met me I would say “Don’t cut off your nose to spite your face” and in the end family is what matters…. don’t cut them off.

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