April 04, 2013

I blame Instagram.

Guest blog. Topic? Selfie Mania. Blame Instagram by Joy Ejaria.


Following on from Emma’s post on Selfie Mania, I wanted to find who/what to blame. Why has this increased so much, so rapidly? Though Emma’s post mentions Steve Jobs and the most recent iPhone as the culprit, I beg to differ. Infact, I blame Instagram.

The photo sharing app which initially launched for iOS users only has literally taken over the world. With over 100 million active users, Instagram is nothing like your other social media platforms. This app brings out your inner narcissist, enhances your nosiness whilst making you feel bad about yourself. Even the celebs are on it, posting about their perfect lives and daily free gifts.

Unlike Facebook, where you can get tagged in drunken photos or vent about how bad your life is through your status, Instagram only shows the good. It’s mainly people showing off how cool they are. I stumbled upon this Tumblr page called Rich Kids of Instagram which is basically a page full of selfies, expensive goods and private yachts that the rich kids posted. The statuses are even more disturbing than the images. With new apps like Keek and Vine allowing us to post videos I am wondering when will it stop?

In other news: check this out these famous Photos that have been turned into selfies.

Joy Ejaria a recent Journalism graduate who can be found blogging about Fashion, Beauty and everything in between at www.joytotheworldblog.com.

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