April 09, 2013

Do You Have Facebook Fatigue?


In the very first episode of HBO Girls, Lena Dunham’s character asks Marni “Isn’t texting the lowest form of communication in the pillar of chat?” Marni replies: “you mean the totem of chat. No… that would be Facebook.”

Don’t you kind of agree with them? Facebook doesn’t seem to be the number one place we actually communicate with each other anymore. I can’t remember the last time I wrote an actual message to my mate using the infamous Facebook Wall. Peddle back two years and it was pretty much the only way me and my friends would organise our social lives, from silly one-liners to ‘seriously, what time are we meeting at the pub”.

We don’t really need Facebook anymore to actually communicate. I guess we never really did. It’s more of a broadcasting platform. Here’s my photo, here’s this video, here’s me looking like I’m HAVING THE BEST FUN EVER.

Or if you’re a brand, here’s my thing, my message, me me me. Look at me.

Are we getting Facebook fatigue? Maybe. Is Facebook actually dying down? No, not by the looks of things. In terms of assets and platform development, Facebook looks to be continuing to grow….but in respect and popularity, can we really say the same thing? From recent reports, most recently Atlantic’s study of ‘Why Do People Use Facebook” it seems Facebook is quite the passive social network. The two top activities of ‘why’ people use the site were ‘to procrastinate’ and ‘to relieve boredom’.  i.e clicking around but not really doing much.

Is Facebook leading the way with any cool or exciting trends? From what I’ve seen lately, it appears to being a bit of a sheep. Yes Zuck, you’re being a bit sheepy.

The new redesign is kind of MySpace-esque, and as for the new apparent incorporation of ‘hashtags’… well let’s not even go there.

In a recent Thought Catalog post the writer thinks one reason we should all spend less time on Facebook is because “85% of it is useless information that you will soon forget.”

I’m not anti-Facebook, but apart from keeping track of birthdays and events I’d say I’m not that bothered. I definitely think there are way more exciting places to be looking and better conversations to be having. Elsewhere. Facebook at the moment seems to be a bit like brushing your teeth. You do it, but it’s a bit dull.


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  1. Facebook is awesome for spreading news fast. I work on reunions and volunteer activities – for that, it is great. It is invaluable on your birthday because people write on your wall on that day, if not any other day of the year. I find that the interest goes in and out depending on what world events are going, what’s on TV, etc. Some people are just strictly voyeurs, others are clearly addicted! I know that the summer it gets much less interesting because the weather is nice. Okay, this was a little long. Are you fatigued reading this? Sorry! 😉

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