June 19, 2013

Some weird and wonderful Internet things.

  • 30 of Carrie Bradshaw’s Weirdest Outfits: Thanks Buzzfeed, we’ve just had a very amusing amble down memory lane chuckling at the gear Sarah Jessica Parker had (slash chose) to wear on set on Sex and the City. My personal favourite is “The time she went out on New Year’s Eve and added a fur coat, sequin hat, and pristine white booties to her pajamas to run through a blizzard”. As you do. 
  • Cute Dad Alert: Baby photos are obviously quite the stressful past-time, having to get the right moment, right facial expression and location in order to create the perfect baby book. What about if you Photoshopped your child in different magical locations? Photographer Emil Nyström has done exactly that. Fantastic idea.
  • Pippa Middleton Now Writes for Vanity Fair:  So Celebrate wasn’t a crazy success, so what? Twitter is going mad for the news that P-Middy is the new contributing editor to Vanity Fair suggesting that nepotism got her the new gig and questioning her talents as a writer. Vanity Fair is first and foremost a society magazine and I think she’ll be very well suited for the job.  
  • Sophia Grace Has A Music Video: This is slightly worrying. I fear it’s a Willow Smith situation. Sophia Grace, now 10, found fame through her YouTube cover of ‘Superbass’ by Nicki Minaj that later appeared on the Ellen Show. Sophia Grace now has a career on the move and just released her new single “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun”. The tune is mega catchy don’t get me wrong, but is anyone else a little bit worried about her? Should kids be wearing designer sunglasses and filming music videos? 
  • Favourite Daft Punk cover: It’s fair to say that Daft Punk’s Get Lucky has trumped all download records in the UK. There are lots of covers floating around on the web but this my firm favourite, a cover by a choir of male models. You’re welcome.
  • What If Disney Films Had Honest Titles: What if Disney movies were renamed by someone completely blunt? Ah, here we are.  
  • Some Most Hated Abbreviations: Journalist Sam Leith doesn’t like it when the Internet is full of abbreviations.  Sam thinks that ‘pretty much all of them connote one thing, which is: “I am a douchebag.”’ Here are some of the worst offenders on his list.

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