June 25, 2013

So The Thing About Fashion Blogs..

I was out with one of my pals the other night who currently works for one of fashion’s biggest high-street stores. She’s ace, and knows A LOT about fashion (unlike me). The stuff I find hard such as keeping up with the different seasons (are we SS13 or AW14 or WTF15?) is second nature to her.  She even gets the whole ‘pre-fall’ thing and how to mix patterns, from luxe to casual to create textures and concepts. I am not familiar with such words. She’ll see some kid on the street wearing a weird plait and tie-dye onesie and know how to apply this to a real-life trend. Once the whole world has caught up, she is already well and truly over it and the mastering the next big thing.

So whenever I see her I subtly try and get some fashion advice and try to gauge what styles are totally out, what to avoid like the plague (e.g. “tomboy trainers are out now, like really OUT. Done. Caput” she says.) By studying her outfits I feel like I’m getting some sort of secret inside tip to what’s on trend. I am completely and utterly in awe of her and her  ever-changing wardrobe.

For someone who claims not to be into fashion, I end up spending a lot of time on fashion blogs as they are no doubt the best place to source inspiration if your wardrobe is feeling a bit under the weather. I am a Topshop-Urban Outfitters-ASOS girl, and I’m not ashamed for being ‘mainstream’. In all honestly I only have time (and the current budget) for the high street, although I do wish I could be that person who hunts out the hidden treasures or manages to find a Chanel vintage gem on eBay. My fashion falls mostly under convenience and comfort, sadly.

So this leads me onto my current beef with some fashion blogs. And this is it: the ridiculousness of some of the outfits and how I seriously struggle to make sense of them in a normal every day context. Let me explain: recently I have tried to step up my game a little in an attempt to prove to myself that I am ‘on the pulse’ (pity laughter goes here). Here are some of the things I purchasing in order to branch out:

– purchasing some Rihanna-esque strappy heels (very chic)
– a daring crop top
– some shiny high-waisted disco pants
– retro dungarees (short ones)

They haven’t left my wardrobe. My dilemma? I do not understand the time of day/night where such items are appropriate. Maybe I do not live the chic life that goes hand in hand which these clothes, but I honestly do not know when I could possibly wear them. Work? No. Pub? Probably not. A Bar? Not really, I’d feel a bit try-hard. Sort of like the way I feel about The Saturdays who wear shorts and heels on their way to the bank. Maybe certain outfits are only OK to wear to a festival. You can get away with a lot of shit at festivals.

Here are some photos I’ve used as examples of my “IN WHAT SOCIAL SITUATION WOULD YOU WEAR THIS “question? Seriously, where do people wear this stuff? Or does it just live on the blogs?

Fashion bloggers, please explain. Should I just suck it up and brave it like Lady Gaga or do I seem the type that should just stick to flats and cardigans?




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