July 20, 2013

Ikea’s New Life-size Video

I love going to Ikea. When me and my housemate first moved into our lovely London flat three years ago we would stare at our blank walls and lifeless bedrooms and knew what exactly to do: jump in the car and drive to the nearest IKEA. Those iconic yellow and blue buildings are larger than life, displaying those huge unmissable four letters. Even if we were penniless we’d still go to check out the new art and photography department and give the pillows a little squish. It’s always exciting to kit your home out and even better, at a price that doesn’t make your bank account want to curl up and cry.

I’ve always been interested in what Ikea are doing in the marketing world and online. Since their ‘Facebook showroom’ campaign, which received unanimous praise for being a new and innovative way to use Facebook to connect customers to the store, I knew that Ikea were a creative bunch. They created a Facebook page for the store manager and used his photo album space to give sneak previews to users. Which was an easy accessible way to view upcoming products.

So the latest video to come from Ikea is much different, but definitely eye-catching. It’s a bit of a spoof of reality TV shows such as ‘My Super Sweet 16’ called One Room Paradise. It’s definitely entertaining, and I had to watch the whole thing right to the end, mainly because I kept laughing at the life size doll’s facial expressions.

What do you think?

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