August 05, 2013

A Complete Guide to Reluctant Adulthood

I’ve been following Chelsea Fagan’s writings and Twitterings for a long time now. I am a BIG fan. I first discovered her articles on ThoughtCatalog and she has one of those writing styles that completely hypnotises you, it’s like she KNOWS you, and is giving a go at solving your problems. Creepy, but amazing eh?

So when I found myself browsing on Amazon, I saw that Chelsea has written a book! It’s called “I’m Only Here For The WiFi”. And it looks so completely wonderful.

Here’s the blurb. I will be buying:

Chelsea Fagan has felt the pressures and expectations of young adult life firsthand. Building on the success of her popular articles on Thought Catalog, her book I’m Only Here for the WiFi presents an honest, refreshing, and hilarious perspective on the life of a misplaced twentysomething, desperate for advice about how to survive adulthood—all while maintaining an active social life. With insights ranging from partying to finding and keeping a job, I’m Only Here for the WiFi is a healthy mix of commentary, humor, and real advice. 



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