October 27, 2013

“In my mind, the revolution has already begun”


Hey Russell, thanks for trying. We need more people like you – people that have the courage to go full steam ahead, even if they risk the public bitching and criticising you for being a bit “out there”. Most recently in your interview with Paxman, he calls you ‘facetious’ quite a few times; usually it’s when you make a point you clearly care so much about, before laughing it off with a comical quip (i.e. about Jeremy’s lovely beard).

Maybe you are a bit facetious but what you’re saying is actually what you think, and in my opinion, it needs to be said. In a serious or tone or not – the topic of POLITICS IN 2013 needs to be urgently addressed. Politics seems quite DULL these days.

(So does the digital voting system by the way- seriously, please can you hire a digital company soon so that people can at least vote easily on their phones? ok, rant over).


Russell Brand recently summed up our current political voting system as this: “we might as well just vote for one class of really really rich people” at the GQ awards earlier this year.

So he doesn’t vote, he told the New Statesman in his new guest editor role. He thinks it’s a waste of time, you see. Because, what are we actually voting for? Etonian 1, 2, or 3? If you close your eyes and listen to them speak you might get confused. You might accidentally vote for the wrong one. Because I sort of get his point, nothing is that RADICAL about the current political system, and a lot of young people don’t really get it. It’s all very ‘by jove’.

Cameron got a Twitter account earlier this year, but I’m not sure he really understands the power of a personal brand or how to make an impact. Such tweets as the one below don’t really help his cause. Telling us about his groovy new specs is not a reason to vote for him, unfortunately.

I’m not a massive fan of our posh politicians, same as Brand. I don’t think they are offensive though. I don’t hate them. I just don’t really get them and feel they are very removed from ‘real life’. It’s not that they need to be put in a council house in Tower Hamlets, but they should probably make more of an effort not to seem so glamourous and uninterested. (“Apathetic” is a word Brand uses quite frequently.) If David Cameron put the same amount of effort and energy into creating concrete evidence to show he actually cares as he does into dancing around in One Direction’s music videos or drinking champagne at Wimbledon we might, might get somewhere. I know he thinks this is making him look more down with the kids, but ironically it just points out how far removed he is and how desperate he is for publicity. (I know this particular one was for Comic Relief, but I still think he should stop trying to play the celebrity card).


“Cameron, Osborne, Boris, all of them lot, they went to the same schools and the same universities that have the same decor as the old buildings from which they now govern us. It’s not that they’re malevolent; it’s just that they’re irrelevant.” – Russell Brand

One thing that Brand does not like is David Cameron’s recent quote about ‘profit not being a dirty word’. In his opinion we are being ripped off left right and centre whilst profit is being made but no real difference being made to those suffering from low or no income. He thinks we are creating an underclass. Should we really have been so surprised when the London Riots happened? (“Quick, dear, just brush it under the carpet,” the politicians said.) Cameron wants to help save the bankers and their bonuses (he’s likes big banks and he cannot lie) but how do the rest of population feel like they can ‘join in’? Where is there support? There is bigger fish to fry than bankers bonuses, surely? Like the current levels of unemployment?

I hate big banks and banking and bankers but when they rip us off and do us down with derivatives and foreclosures and bundles, I roll my eyes. However when I see that I’m getting a £3.50 surcharge at a cash machine I want to put their f**king windows through. This is the selfish impulse the right expertly engages but ought to belong to the left. We have to see that all these things are connected. We have succumbed to an ideology that is 100 per cent corrupt and must be overthrown. The maintenance of this system depends on our belief that “there’s nothing we can do” – Russell Brand

I do vote. But when I vote, I just pick a random one that I just fancy voting for at that particular time. I don’t have any anger or hatred, but I don’t have any passion either. I do it because I feel I should, but I don’t feel that our ‘vote’ holds any real power. I will always want to respect the women’s suffrage movement and the right to vote, but I definitely need a fresh reminder of what we are now voting for. I agree with Brand, something is very backward, irrelevant and boring about the current political system. A lot of people feel they can’t get involved. I believe that a revolution is coming, but what it looks like, no one really knows quite yet. We need a LOT more invested into educating people about the power of politics and we need to increase people’s FAITH in our current system. OR, we need something (or someone) new to vote for (I like the idea of the latter).

Russell Brand might get a lot of stick for being fancy and swanky and wearing expensive clothes, but I like the fact that he is taking his celebrity status and doing something useful and interesting with it. He is merely drawing attention to the problem – even if he is not actually going to DO the doing himself. (So. Who is?)

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  1. Really great post, there’s still so many people struggling with unemployment that things need to change.

  2. Reblogged this on Champagne & Gossip and commented:
    Absolutely LOVE this .. Go BRAND! We were shown this interview in my seminar at Uni today 🙂

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