November 11, 2013

A month’s worth of smoothies for your soul

Once upon a time I was sitting at my little old desk at work minding my own business when a little marketing pixie from Innocent Smoothies magically appeared and delivered a splash of joy and colour into my inbox and offered to cheer up my drizzly Friday afternoon.

And then, Voila!

Like fruity magic dust, there sat a row of lovely looking Innocent Smoothies in all different and shiny colours, wearing TINY LITTLE KNITTED HATS. I never thought I was going to have a little and large bobble hat for me and my beverage, but in that moment I did. And it was delightful. 

Screen shot 2013-11-11 at 19.59.24

My once dreary desk, brightened up by bobbles

I handed around my bag of fruity wonders and my colleagues breathed a sigh of relief. These fruity delights pumped some goodness and energy into us as we started to unwind for the weekend.


So what’s this special delivery this about? Well let me tell you! 

Innocent have teamed up with Lily Cole to design a limited edition collection of woolly hats.  It’s all to celebrate the 10th anniversary of our Big Knit campaign and all profits from the life-sized designer head gear goes to Age UK.

All sale profits will go to Age UK to help keep older people stay warm this winter. The hats (made from 100% British wool and featuring the identity of the granny that knitted it) will be available to buy from from November for £85.


This year’s Big Knit takes is kicking off from 6-29th November. Behatted smoothies can be found in shops across the land, and for every one they sell, 25p will go to Age UK.  There’s lots more info at so check it out and stroke the wool.

And for you….

So ladies and gentlemen, if you would like repeat of this scrumptious fairytale to happen to you just follow me at @girllostincity and hashtag #TheBigKnit for your chance to win a month’s FREE INNOCENT SMOOTHIES and your own bobble hat (little ‘n’ large). x x x

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