December 15, 2013

The Power of Harry Styles

I am so not proud of it, but I had a real uncool, giggly, “fan-girl” moment on Friday night.

Long story short: We were having a chilled out dinner in a low key restaurant Hackney and Harry Styles walked in. That’s it. As if by sixth sense I had turned around at just the right time to catch sight of his familiar, cheeky face and THAT voice. It was like the Daily Mail ‘Sidebar of Shame’ had come to life and began to move in front of my eyes, except I wasn’t in bed hungover. That moment where your brain is slightly in a mind of its own: “Hey……Is that…hang on, is that..Harry something…how do I know that face…OMFGOMG IT’S HARRY FREAKING STYLES.” *pinches person next to me*

I am embarrassed to say I am now hooked on following his Instagram feed, weird tweets and watched all One Direction music videos I could find on YouTube last night. Two friends were staying over for an X factor night in and I snuck off to watch One Direction videos. WHAT IS HAPPENING TO ME.

Even though “celebrities” are so hyped up and followed around crazy amounts – Harry Styles being the best example – it’s quite funny to think they are also completely NORMAL and just pop out for a glass of Red and some noodles with their mates. 

We ended up not asking for a photo because we decided that if someone interrupted us mid-noodle we would be pretty peeved. Must respect the noodle time. (OMG, we thought, WE’RE EATING THE SAME FOOD AS HIM).

Oh Harry. This is the start of an obsession that I took the mick out of my younger sister for, and now I am about to become worse. 

2014 1D calendar Christmas present, anyone?

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