December 24, 2013

New Year’s Resolutions List.

I’ve decided to build a list of things I want to do next year. If I do them, I’ll cross them off. It might take a while, but got to start somewhere…..

  • Write a book
  • Go to Australia
  • Set up another savings account
  • Keep the fruit bowl full
  • Forgive someone from the past
  • Move into the dream flat
  • Get a walk in wardrobe
  • Buy my own sofa
  • Send a postcard for no reason
  • Go on holiday on my own
  • Experience living in another another city
  • Send an email to my favourite authors
  • Sell my clothes on eBay
  • Book a plane ticket when drunk
  • Take my nieces and nephews on a surprise trip
  • Start a new anonymous blog
  • Go to New York
  • Write a short story
  • Write a new weekly column
  • Give up social smoking (nearly!)
  • Join a charity / volunteer
  • Stop gossiping or bitching for no reason
  • Be more tidy
  • Buy a new laptop
  • Cook healthier things
  • Get a new piercing
  • Tweet less
  • Walk to work

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