January 24, 2014

8 reasons why you should live with your best friend


1.    You always have someone to bitch to: Whether it’s because you’ve just traipsed up and down Oxford Street in painful shoes, getting shoved along the way or you’ve had the World’s Shittest Day at the office, they will always be there to moan with you, and ALWAYS have your back, even if you’re quite clearly in the wrong. You know the phrase “a problem bitched, is a problem halved?” Something like that. Late night no-holds-barred peps talks with a cup of tea can also turn retrieve a potentially sinking ship, or post-it notes saying “GOOD LUCK YOU’LL NEED IT” on the fridge. 

2.    Two wardrobes are better than one: The clothes! The wonderful wardrobes of choice and colour! The mountain of shoes! It is oh so wonderful to combine clothes, I thoroughly recommend it. We call it the “communal wardrobe”. Only rule: for any item is under one week old maybe check it’s not for a specific event before they catch you dancing in front of the mirror in it.

 3.    Bad habits aren’t hated on as much: A random roommate might not appreciate your dishes in the sink for a day too long or bad taste of music (or in my case, putting the same song on repeat for 10 days), but besties don’t mind as much. It is possible to be in the dog house for a few hours, but it will fade. ‘Cos you love each other.

 4.    Parties: Because you share friends and pretty much family, it means you never have to tread on eggshells whenever you want to invite friends over, it’s always just one big happy joint party.

 5.    A joyful morning commute: Some days getting up for work is harder than others. The scale of hideousness can fluctuate depending on level of hangover or how busy your week is; so to have your partner and crime on the train journey of hell with you means you can get some extra whinging time in before you face the real world.

6.    Hangover days: Hangover days actually turn into pretty good fun. Because neither of you can move, it forces you to watch shows such as GIRLS, wear pyjamas and stalk people on Facebook you used to go to school with. 

7. You have ALL night to sort shit out: If one of you has a problem that needs a serious amount of analysis dedicated to it, you can stay up for as long as needs to. List of pros and cons can be made. The kitchen is the place to put worlds to rights and chats about boys, careers, life, the universe.

8. There is always someone who will go to the pub with you: Enough said. 

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  1. slamdunk says:

    Convincing arguments. I would vote for #3–finding someone who does not hold grudges and can look past a little imperfection is like finding gold.

  2. Em Dubz says:

    Love x 100000000. But I’m biased. Xxxx

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