February 01, 2014

American Psycho: The Musical


I am still reeling from Thursday last night. I am quite a dramatic person especially when I WRITE IN CAPITAL LETTERS ON SOCIAL MEDIA but SERIOUSLY I saw the best stage production I think I’ve ever seen. Ever.

My best friend / housemate / partner-in-crime managed to wangle some tickets to the theatre show American Psycho, starring Matt Smith, at the Almeida Theatre. If Matt had recognition for being a pretty mean Doctor Who, he was a TERRIFIC Patrick Bateman. I haven’t seen the film (I know, I’m sorry) but I am SURE he gave Christian Bale a run for his money. He was just brilliant. Very eery, and funny, and his eyes were pretty darn piercing.

My favourite bits:

  • Seeing Matt Smith in his undies
  • Matt Smith’s general acting skills and convincing American accent
  • The choreography – it was brilliantly done, especially to 80’s classics in the clubbing scenes and the business card moment (in the photo above)
  • The clever ways they portrayed the murder scenes without the need to do fake tomato ketchup moments
  • The fact that we were FRONT ROW so could practically reach out and touch the actors (and they shook our hands, swoon)
  • The music (I love the 80’s), they were dancing to Huey Lewis and the News, Phil Collins, and Tears for Fears, need I say more?
  • The wardrobe (again hello 80’s fashion) – bright colours, fancy style, big pearls and chic dresses.

My not so favourite bit:

  • The scene in which Patrick Bateman (Matt Smith) waves a chainsaw right at the very front of the stage, followed by different variations of a huge knife. OK they were probably fake props, but still, chainsaw was QUITE near my head at one point.

Anyone and everyone, I urge you to try and get tickets to see this. They are few and far between but if it is possible, you must see this play. It is sharp, clever, funny, inspiring, and makes you want to dance to 80’s pop music in ridiculous clothes all night long.

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  1. Alex says:

    Your review about American Psycho is really helpful! Thanks for sharing. I’m thinking of grabbing a couple of ticket for this. Looking forward for more interesting posts from you,

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