February 06, 2014

Cutting out the girly fluff

Whenever I told anyone that I occasionally ‘blogged’ I would be too embarrassed to talk about it because I never had any sense of structure or specific categories or a real purpose for doing it. It has always been just “BLAHHH” thoughts blurted onto a few pages on the Internet. Who cares? This isn’t a fashion or beauty blog. It’s never giving regular tips or posting photos using a mega expensive camera – it’s just wordz. BUT recently I’ve realised that a) that’s OK and b) I know that really I just want to geek out and talk about SOCIAL MEDIA and GIRL CHAT. That’s it. End of. There, I picked two things to whittle down all the crazy late night rambles.

So, on that note, here are three things that are really rocking my boat at the moment, I could just burst with girly Internet love:

1. GIRLS HBO & YouTube

Screen Shot 2014-02-06 at 21.57.25

I love love love these GIRLS. It’s what I felt about SATC x a million. I think everyone secretly (or openly) day dreams about being Lena’s pal, walking down the street in summer dresses drinking smoothies. Or just me, whatever. So something that I thought was SO utterly brilliant whilst catching up on Series 3, episode 4, was the fact that Marnie is in a bit of a huff because her ex boyfriend has put a seriously cringe video of her on YouTube – obviously this is hilarious and completely relatable to 20-somethings (perhaps not so extreme), but we’ve ALL had something go online against our will; for example a gross photo that we can’t de-tag in time before everyone sees it and comments rudely on how many double chins that camera captured because of the ANGLE OF THE PHOTO.  

THE COOL BIT: So, really just out of pure curiosity, I then went onto YouTube and searched for the video they were talking about in the episode and there it was – Marnie’s cringe video – uploaded by “Charlie”, the fictional boyfriend. I absolutely love this idea of watching TV, but being able to follow the characters in the social media world too. It not only makes it feel more real, but 100% taps into the dual-screening trend that all the social media lot are constantly getting their knickers in a twist about. 

2. The DEBRIEF (& their sick website)


YES! A new website for female 20-somethings that isn’t a) angry and shouty and b) isn’t TOO fashiony. You know what I mean – when something is so perfect and amazing that you can’t even be bothered to look at the models or clothes because it is so out of reach. “Wow, look at that amazing £600,000 Chanel jumpsuit.” NOW WHAT? *yawn* *goes back to the day job*

This website is amazing and I LOVE the fashion section called “Getting Ready”; esentially it is just the fashion editor Pandora Sykes (who looks like she is such a dude) who takes casual selfies in the latest gear from high street stores such as Whistles, H&M and Topshop. She literally tries all the outfits on, so you don’t have to: it’s genius.

THE COOL BIT: It’s got a really raw, funny Twitter feed with a really distinctive tone of voice. It’s got more of a grounded Twitter presence (talking content strategy here, not just number of followers) than some of the more establish mags (I’m looking at you, Cosmo) who I reckon should to take a leaf out of these guys book – they talk to you like your mates, not like a patronising Devil Wears Prada biatch. Social media is for being friendly, after all. 

3. The Fox Problem & Twitter


What can I say: The Fox Problem is a brilliant idea and it’s just what we were waiting for. From reading some of the interviews with Gemma Cairney (one of the Foxes with the Problem) it sounds like the idea was born out of the fact that TV had taken a bit of a stale dip – i.e. where did Live & Kicking go, or the Big Breakfast and the other bat-shit-crazy entertainment shows like that? 

So Gemma Cairney, Georgie Orkell and Georgia L-A decided to take this into their own hands (and social media channels) and launch a new type of programme: one that is only aired through YouTube (live) and has a brilliant blog and Twitter channel, using their celebrity mates to get the party started. There guests have included people like Lucy Holmes from the “No More Page 3” campaign and the edgy fashion blogger Susie Bubble.

They also have a social media savvy outlook on how the show should be promoted, partnering with HP (the tech company) to basically “power” the show. They’ve done product placement, sponsored tweets, billboards, website adverts, you name it. They are doing an awesome job of using social media to get this going mainstream.

THE COOL BIT: As part of their launch show the other night, they got Dawn O’porter and the wonderful David Levin from the @The_Dolphin_Pub to come in and Tweet and chat about stuff. Two of my favourite people on Twitter. I have a feeling this is going to blow up over the next few months and be one of the first shows in history that used social media to gain the same traction as a late night traditional TV spot. 

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