April 07, 2014

Farringdon Fun


Sooooo I’ve teamed up with FlexiOffices in London to bring to you some lunchtime inspiration around Farringdon. The guys there recently sent me through a survey that said that sadly as few as 30% of people actually take a lunch break, and scoffing a sandwich at your desk doesn’t exactly count. I’m guilty myself of doing it although I’ll always go for a little walk to stretch my leggies at the very least. We should be making more of our lunch breaks though shouldn’t we? There are still office stigmas around taking too long a lunch break or even leaving the office at all, but it doesn’t have to be anything mad, just physically eating away from your desk is good enough to break up the day. 

So if you work in Farringdon and fancy a lunch out, I thought I would list my top five places to splash out on a nice hearty lunch:

Modern Pantry, 47-48 St John’s Square, Clerkenwell, London

They do a nice ‘group lunch’ menu, which I think is a slightly discounted if you all go off the same menu. There is normally a really nice fish, like smoked cod on the menu. They also do a pretty banging breakfast with croissants and eggs etc.

Foxlow 69-73 St John St, London 

If you fancy an energizing steak for lunch then Foxlow is the place. It’s the little brother of the Hawksmoor brand and literally does one of best steaks I’ve ever had, and a bonus is all the cuts are straight from the Ginger Pig. The sides are really yummy too, as well as chips there are things like Spring Greens with Lemon & Garlic and sausage stuffed onion. Mmmmmmm.

Dovetail 9-10 Jerusalem Passage, London

Two words: MOULE FRITES. I went here the other day and it was really fun and chilled. It’s a very relaxed pub-like environment but unlike most pubs they do really good, fresh mussels (in white wine sauce) that come with naughty bread and chips. Boom.

St John’s Pantry36 Saint John’s Lane, London

Fancy a refreshing salad? JUST GO HERE. Reminds me of a NYC deli type joint. 

J&A Cafe, J+A Cafe, First Floor + Bar, 1+4 Sutton Lane, London

This is a really nice tucked away café in Clerkenwell with a really nice outside seating area, perfect for a bite to eat in the sun. It’s pretty healthy yummy stuff too like smoked salmon and goat’s cheese salads with cous cous.

Tweet @flexioffices with your lunchbreak tips and use the hashtag #LiveYourLunchbreak if you’re planning to get out of your desk eating rut any time soon.


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