May 21, 2014

Are Selfies Killing The Hollywood Mystery?

Earlier today, as I “surfed” the web (strange that such a physical verb describes such a non-active task) I came across a selfie of Leonardo Dicaprio and Lily Allen. For some reason, it gave me a disappointed feeling, akin to watching David Cameron post his first Vine video today. It didn’t feel natural that they were doing it. No, Leo! You’re a Hollywood star who keeps himself to himself! Aren’t you?


David Cameron trying to be down with the “yoof” of today doesn’t really bother me. But seeing a A-list star (one of my favourites from my childhood) pose for a selfie with bad hair got me thinking: when did this celebrity over-sharing first become a “thing” (from one extreme to the other) and could this behaviour potentially lead to the demise of the “mystery” that surrounds “cool” celebrities? Could the paparazzi soon be out of a job? Or could it spur them on to get even better “behind the scenes” pictures that would never be posted on Instagram feeds by choice?

Celebrities posting on about their lives on the same social networks as us “normal” people is still an extremely new concept. Celebrities drunk-tweeting and announcing divorces and pregnancies before our very eyes fuels the media industry in a totally new way. They break the news first and the magazines pick up on it.  

Emma Thompson told Harper’s Bazaar that we are all “guinea pigs” of the Internet age. Maybe there is a shift that is in the process of taking place with the nature of sharing and celebrity gossip. Maybe, the more they share, the less we’ll care. 




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  1. lornaluxe says:

    brilliant post, those look-who-i-bumped-into-selfies are definitely more frequent. sharing the extra-ordinary just doesn’t seem quite so extra anymore.

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