August 07, 2014

A Neutral Space

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This is my so-posed-its-just-funny pose.

You know when you’re gearing up to solve an argument with a friend/boyfriend and someone strongly recommends that you do it on “neutral territory”? Apparently it’s so that when you make a decision or give opinions during the conversation you aren’t subconsciously swayed by the emotions of being in a familiar environment, and/or to avoid one of you feeling more (or less) comfortable depending on whose house you’re at.

Well that’s how I feel when I’m gearing up to do a side project of some kind. By that I mean the planning of doing some extra-curricular writing (hate that phrase, reminds me of the boffs at school). This particular project goes by the name of: “how the f*ckity f*ck am I going to write this book”. Without distractions.

Personally, I think any sort of work like that needs to take place on neutral ground. Starbucks is neutral for example (but a bit dull at times). But it’s a calm no-mans land of just getting your shit done. Your bedroom isn’t neutral (too many distractions and sleepy energy); the office of your day job is massive no-no (that space should be strictly for where you smash all your other deadlines) and a mate’s/boyfriends house isn’t the right place either. (And they’ll just think you’re antisocial).

So when I had shit-loads of extra work to do and Megan from Margaret London mentioned that there was a brand new open workspace in Shoreditch called Forge&Co, she offered me a nice desk there on a leisurely Sunday to test out. So I went along to have a look around.

It’s situated just opposite the Ace Hotel and I must have walked past it a million times before realising what it was. It’s not hidden away but the entrance is really low key. We were shown upstairs into a little desk room which normally opens up into a bigger board room next to open window; relaxed enough to feel like we weren’t at “work work” but we were still there to do “some work”. There was a lovely open plan floor where lots of people hire out the workspace each month, and every desk was different – really higgledy-piggledy. Nice vibes. It’s nice to think that so many different creatives all work within the same space, but all conquering completely different things on the sly. Is this the beginning of a new modern day office set-up – social workspaces?

Food was great too – lovely roast on a Sunday, the perfect break from the typing, and sighing.

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