October 01, 2014

A glorious blogger brunch at Gail’s Bakery


The weekend was wonderful; as it was a lovely combination of being lazy but also productive at the same time. Lazy because I just ate food basically. But productive because I was testing out my NEW CAMERA at a blogger event, and also tried out filming a few YouTube videos (more on that later).

So yes, I didn’t realise I could be so excited about a new camera. I felt like a child who had a new Christmas present and has to sleep with it under your pillow. It takes amazing pictures and videos with a digital screen that flips (thank you for the recommendation Victoria) and I’d been desperate to test it out.

Up until now I’d use my iPhone to document everything. But, how ever much I adore my iPhone, it was really only good enough for Instagram pictures or silly things to send my friends – a real camera is needed especially if I want to document more events/holidays etc on this blog. As I’m going to more events and reviewing things in more detail, I realised that something was missing: a really good camera.

So on Sunday the lovely lot at Gail’s Bakery in Exmouth market invited a group of bloggers (including the lovely Plum) to try out their new menu. It was amazing. Here some pictures, and you’ll see on the menu, it wasn’t just your usual brunch. IT WAS AMAZING. My favourite was the SHAKSHUKA – I’m in love.

P1000009 P1000013 P1000014 P1000015 P1000016 P1000018 P1000019 P1000024 P1000025 P1000027 P1000028 P1000030 P1000031 P1000033

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