November 18, 2014

Rosewood London: A New Discovery


We’re all guilty of going to the same places a lot. I’m totally guilty of it, me and boyfriend have been going to the same breakfast place (and ordering the same thing) about about three years now. Not cool, but a case of ‘if it ain’t broke’. If you know what you like then it’s just easy and comforting going to the same place a lot. But actually I love discovering new places, especially when going on new city breaks as you find really great hidden gems that you can recommend and tell people about.

So on Sunday evening I discovered an AMAZING new place. The lovely girls at Tribal Media invited me and Plum along to the Rosewood, which I had to Google as I’d never heard of it. It was so close to my office, and I probably walk past it most days, and yet, I’d never been inside. To be honest, this also suggests how rarely I look up, I’m always tip-tapping away on my phone, not looking where I am going.

Honestly on arrival, me and Plum were MIND BLOWN. It’s lovely. It’s grand and beautiful and friendly and warm. It’s got loads of twists and turns (we got lost on the way to the loo) and also has different wings. There’s the Holborn dining room, the Mirror room, the Lobby lounge, and of course, the bar (designed by Martin Brudnizki). There’s a real personality to the building, a mix of old-school architecture with modern art.


There’s no surprise that it’s been voted Best New Hotel in the World 2014 – Telegraph Ultratravel  and on The Hot List 2014 (UK) by Condé Nast Traveller. The thing is, it’s not intimidating – it should be, but it isn’t. Anyone can come in, you don’t have to be a member, or spend £22,000 on a six room wing in the Grand Manor House Wing (which you can do and it HAS IT’S OWN POSTCODE). It’s a relaxed environment and the team concentrate on making people feel welcome, even if you’re not staying in the hotel and just want to stop by for a cup of tea.

And WHAT’S MORE: there was cabaret in the bar, which is called Scarfes Bar. And it wasn’t cheesy or tacky, it was brilliant. I felt like I was in the theatre, but in a beautiful open room with a big bar in the middle. We sat near the fire, all toasty and warm with drinks flowing and listened as the piano and band played songs and the two singing hosts entertained everyone all throughout the night. The cabaret group would perform in 15 minute chunks so you can time to chat with friends in between songs. It was informal and fun.

I totally recommend going. I can’t wait to go back. The perfect Sunday evening, fun but still casual. They also live complimentary jazz six nights a week. BOOM.




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