November 23, 2014

What Would Beyoncé Do?

A review: The awesome Luisa Omielan’s comedy show What Would Beyoncé Do at Leicester Square Theatre. Warning: it’s not only hilarious, but it makes you want to re-listen to every single Destiny’s Child and Beyoncé album ever released….and with a brand new context to each song.



As we entered the small(ish) Leicester Square Theatre on Friday night, the comedy star herself Luisa Omielan, is already on the stage swaying to music pumping her fist in the air and twerking a little. She’s not backstage doing any breathing exercises with a massive entourage. She’s already sat on the stage, bopping and sipping a giant Coca Cola (mixed with something else in it probs) and watching over the crowd as her soon-to-be audience pile into the theatre, to see her perform.

This wasn’t your typical “take your seats and wait politely for the act to come on”. She was already there, like a mate, welcoming everyone into her comedy party. Luisa asked if anyone in the audience wanted to introduce the show, because y’know, if she was going to be Beyoncé she’d need a support act. Tipsy girls all around the auditorium waved their hands manically, shouting me-me-me! But Luisa picked the girl in the front row who was avoiding eye contact, and dragged her up on the stage instead.

The whole show was excruciatingly honest and at so many points in the show people were laughing and nodding so hard there heads might have fallen off. She poked fun at the weird little things in life: the etiquette of texting someone back, how to get over a break up, how confusing relationships and life can be.

Luisa was literally the life and soul of the party. She was really captivating on stage – not losing the audience’s attention for one second. Someone you want to be around because she is fun and loud and hilarious. And her impressions of Beyoncé (with her glittering gold top) were uncanny.

It wasn’t all fun and games though, there was parts where Luisa spoke about depression, family issues and really really low points in her life. It was this honesty, mixed with comedy and punctuated with Beyonce’s songs that were really poignant… I’ve never been to a comedy show where you are literally laughing so-hard-you-can’t-breathe one minute and then close to tears the next.

She embraced awkwardness. After one particular scene, there was no musical interlude on purpose. She made the audience reflect for a few moments. “Funny thing is, I don’t find this bit awkward, but I bet you lot are.”

Her own life story was also tied into the show. It was one big pep talk: she’d struggled, she had shit thrown at her, she clearly hadn’t been this confident all her life and yet here she was with a sell out tour in the West-End in London. WWBD clearly worked.

My thoughts on leaving the theatre? Screw Beyonce, I can’t relate to her.*

Instead, I’m thinking What Would Luisa Omielan Do? Because she’s pretty f*cking cool.

Get your tickets HERE.

*OK, expect maybe here. This is new video of hers is jokes.

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