January 01, 2015

2014. My Highlights.

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The thing about social media is it’s all very present. Everything is real-time, now, in the moment. It’s easy to wonder what you’re doing tomorrow, instead of reflecting on how good/bad your week was. One of my new year’s resolutions is to make more time for myself, to look back on things, reflect, be better. 

I looked back on my blog and found this post; my 2012 highlights. Looking through this post made me think HOLY COW that was a great year, I did loads of things, loads of things I didn’t remember doing. Covering the Olympics, going to Madrid with Paul, a girls holiday to Crete, doing a talk about social media in Athens, going to Cornwall, going to Paris, going to South Africa and nearly getting eaten by a lion. Copenhagen. Marrakesh. A work trip to Istanbul.

It was only until I saw it all laid out next to each other that I could reflect and remember all those things, all those feelings, memories. Memory is a weird thing isn’t it? The strangest smallest thing can stick in your mind, and the big adventures can slip away easily, unless you make sure you reflect on the photos or close your eyes and take yourself back there.

So, as this blog is my own personal scrapbook (not nothing more, nothing less), I wanted to reflect on the year.

January 2014

I went to the mountains with We Are Social for the annual company ski trip. It was rowdy, fun, boozy. I realised that i don’t actually like skiing that much, I just like the snow, the mountains and the atmosphere. Plus I got to share a room with Laura Muldoon, who is one of the funniest, loveliest people I had the pleasure of working with. Many lols moments occurred, including me passing out in the bath with an e-cigarette hanging out of my mouth.

February 2014

I went to Venice in February with my boyfriend Paul who bought us flights for my Christmas present, and it was the most beautiful place I’ve ever ever visited. It was like IRL Instagram, beautiful colours, horizons, views, boats, buildings. Breath-taking scenery. Also: PIZZA and wine and late night heart to hearts.

March 2014 

I dyed my hair PINK, by the brilliantly talented Sam from Blue Tit. I also went to the Clapton Pot dinner party with my best friend, and we had one of the best nights I’ve had with a group of strangers in the middle of Hackney. I met some truly brilliant people that night that I’m so happy to still be in touch with. I cannot recommend going to supper clubs in your area more strongly, they are THE BEST.

 April 2014

April was awesome.

1) I read my teenage diary in front of a crowded pub at the Cringe UK London event. (Scary but AMAZING)
2) I met Cherry Healey IRL – someone i’ve admired for yonks
3) Started working at my favourite magazine, The Debrief!

May 2014

Mine and Paul’s good friends Swanny and Elena got married. <3 I went to a book event where I got to see Elizabeth Gilbert talk about her new book The Signature Of All Things which was incredibly inspiring – she is one of my favourite authors, hands down. I also went to see George Orwell’s 1984 on stage, SO GOOD.

June 2014

I WENT TO NEW YORK NEW YORK THE CITY WHERE DREAMS ARE MADE OF. It was amazing. I went on my own. Stayed with a friend Nicole (who I am forever indebted to for letting me stay at her amazing flat) and i read books. Read magazines. Reflected. Wrote. Ate at restaurants on my own. Got sunburnt. Saw Of Mice & Men on Broadway. Reviewed a hotel for my blog. And walked until my feet bled.

July 2014

My baby sister graduated, which was a very proud moment this year. I also interviewed Jack Antonoff front-man of The Bleachers and Lena Dunham’s bf, and went to Latitude festival and got really muddy in a field. Slept in a car and got back-ache.

August 2014

Went to my friend Vicki’s hen do in Brighton (I never knew how lovely Brighton is!). We all went to a spa, played games, went dancing, stayed in bunkbeds. Also two country escapes, one to Devon to do the Branscombe coastal walk, and a trip to Oxford to see my relatives – we all huddled around a campfire and drank 17 bottles of wine.

September 2014

OK looking through my photos this was probably the best month ever.

1) Went to Stockholm with Paul, did Air B’n’B, went vintage shopping, pretended we lived there for a bit.
2) Went to South Korea on a press trip. The best experience ever seeing Seoul and making so many friends with the other people on the trip. LOTS of fun, lots of new food, lots of sights.
3) Zoella Beauty launch was amazing – met so many new bloggers, old friends, good chats and exciting to see Zoe’s career continue to go from strength to strength.
4) Working on the London Fashion Week content with The Debrief team. So fun.

October 2014

I got naked in October and was photographed! By the talented photographer Alex Cameron. It was inspired by my friend Laura who had a body confidence photo-shoot and after a few drinks in the pub she totally inspired me to do it too. I also got to chat to Dawn O’Porter about her new fashion range, I LOVE HER, so it was a definite highlight. I also interviewed Lena Dunham in October…too much love.

November 2014

I went to a really fun Google masterclass, went to an amazing cabaret show at Scarfes bar, and the Women Power Fashion exhibition at the Design museum. Also The Debrief won the PPA Digital innovation award – which was a brilliant end to the year. AWARD-WINNERS!

December 2014

Going on Sky news and meeting Eamon Holmes was FUN. Our Debrief x Beyond Retro Christmas party was vvvv fun too and getting to have Chrimbo drinks with the whole Debrief gang. (I was sick in the taxi on the way home and luckily one of my bosses was really nice about it). Also, Christmas in Devon was lovely this year and having going on country beach walks with Paul, chatting about our new flat we move into next year! Here’s to another great year, for everyone. Care less, do more, be better.

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