January 13, 2015

An Open Letter To The Characters of Girls

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Dear Hannah, Marnie, Shoshanna & Jessa


Glad you’re back. It’s been a while. I swear it’s been since, like, March or something? It really has felt like a long time, tbh. Let’s not leave it so long next time. You kind of left us hanging for a bit there, and we were forced to figure some shit out ourselves for a few months. That was a close shave. Pun intended.

I know you guys aren’t preaching to have the answers – far from it – but watching you guys messing things up a bit, “testing” stuff out by dipping your toe in the sea of uncertainty and laughing off your misfortunes, it really helps with dealing with general life. It helps to know that you haven’t really got a clue – and neither have we. We are laughing with you, because some of your home truths really are so very close to home. Scarily, creepily close to home. (Have you stepped inside our heads? Or have we stepped inside yours?)

Marnie – I can’t believe everyone’s been so DRAMATIC about your bum *activity* with Desi – people are literally freaking out all over the Internet. I didn’t think it was that shocking, I mean, what do people expect? You weren’t exactly going to be all vanilla on the first episode back. Look, you keep doing you. And keep Desi doing you. (I think: I mean it’s extremely dodge that he has a girlfriend, but I’m going to brush over that one, for now.) Also screw the haters at the Jazz Brunch. You weren’t bad. Who cares if you were. I mean. Life is about doing your own stuff whether people like it or not. I realise now that there’s literally three things to ask yourself in any given situation: 1) does it make you happy? 2) If the answer is yes, keep doing it. 3) If the answer is no, stop doing it. And, I’m only saying this cos I like you: kill the Jazz and the Brunch next time. The types of people who bang on about going ‘to brunch’ are the type of people who will steal all your friends and ideas and then block you on Twitter.

Hannah. IOWA OMG! So good. You’re gonna learn how to be a PROPER writer (whatever that means) but you are going to learn actual interesting things that will make you even better at your passion and bring you closer to your goals and being able to write your book. You’ll meet loads of other arteeeests and writers and people who are able to concentrate on their own work. You get to all focus on yourselves. It’s OK to be obsessed with your own career right now. Being selfish is encouraged during your 20’s, so go FORTH. You handled the whole ‘leaving Adam behind’ thing really well, btw. It’s a good thing to be independent of course. You’d totally resent yourself and him later down the line if you stayed. The ‘no plan’ plan sounded like a good er, plan, but I do hope you stay together. You’re both adorbs. You’re a stronger woman than I am. I can’t handle goodbyes, at all. You didn’t even cry when you got in the car with your parents, or sob/blow kisses up to the window; well done, srsly. I would have been dragged down the stairs, wailing like cat.

SHOSHANNA. You’re being weird and quiet and I’m a bit worried about you. I hope you’re OK with all the bullshit degree stuff and the weird sitchu with Ray. But you’ll be OK, because there’s no way you won’t be. You’re way way more feisty thank you think. I do think that you need to do some mending. Read some books in the bath, light some candles – also there’s this lavender roll-on thing that I discovered recently that helps you sleep, I recommend. Treat yourself well and in a couple of weeks I reckon you’ll be so over it and under someone else. I have a power ballads playlist on Spotify that you’ll love BTW.

Jessa. You GOT COOLER while being away, sorry how was that even possible? You are literally the perfect combination of being chic and totally unapologetically badass. But, had to bring it up: are you OK with Hannah? I know you’re probably gutted she’s leaving, but being frosty won’t help. Not judging, because we ALL know how easy it is to take it out on your closest friends. I am a total frost to my best friends and sister sometimes, but it’s only when I’m needing attention or feeling sad and nudging them to read my mind. Be kind, she’s probably scared and needs you. Not everyone’s is as strong as you. Stay close to her.

Also, confession: I had a small lump in my throat silently during the episode clutching my glass of wine which sounds lame and dramatic but I hadn’t eaten much for lunch and it’s my time of the month but at least I’m being honest (that’s the vibe, after all). It’s because I felt CONNECTED to what you bunch of weirdo girls were saying and writing and being and doing. It’s the subtle topics, the sadness, the fearless honesty, the insecurities, the complexities of the friendships & the shock factor of the sex.  I guess I just wanted to say that you are so so so important and add something so FUN to dry TV. I’m not claiming to be special in the way that it touches me or my life, because there are thousands of people who could and do say the same, but I just can’t stop thinking about how genius all of this still is. The “novelty” of GIRLS still hasn’t worn off. Far from. You have led the way, broken the boundaries, set the tone of this new era we are in, and spread this feeling of hope and warmth for so many.

Carry on. And BRING IT ON.

Anyway sorry to ramble I just wanted you to know how bloody ace you all are.




(Last night we held a screening at a hotel in London  for an exclusive GIRLS screening with HBO & in partnership with The Debrief. It was like watching old friends again. Everyone who came had the best time — and watching GIRLS in a cinema room was AMAZING. Could get totally immersed in the story, no distractions, just alone with our thoughts and popcorn.)

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