January 18, 2015

A Night At Rosewood London


There’s something about hotels. I find them exciting, friendly, intriguing. Thinking about it, some of my favourite films are set in hotels: Lost in Translation, The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, The Grand Budapest Hotel, Forgetting Sarah Marshall. I could go on.

Some people loathe it; I have friends that shudder as they pack their bags for an overnight business trip dreading checking in to an unfamiliar room. It’s a convenience thing, not a choice.

I’m the opposite. I love everything about them. Same with hostels in different cities. Same with Air B’n’B. Maybe it’s the fact that you’re just away from life for a bit. I just feel so relaxed to feel far from the mundanities of every day life and have some peace and quiet. In your own room. In your own limbo.

When I used to read the Gossip Girl books in early 2000’s (aged around twelve) I’d love following the character’s absolutely ridiculously unattainable lifestyles, where they’d just go and hang out in a hotel suite for the night with friends. Just, because. They’d just round up their best mates, checking into a hotel down the road, put on a white robes and crack open a prosecco? Of course they did. It was fiction.

Last weekend I got to stay in a hotel bubble at the Rosewood London, in Holborn to review one of the rooms. It all came about after being asked out on a blogger’s night by Tribal Media to experience the cabaret in their Scarfes bar (it was amazing; I blogged about it here).

Paul and I stayed in the premier suite and there’s no beating about the bush; this was next-level luxury. It was a sanctuary. Like nothing else I’d experienced. It was silent, beautifully decorated, had everything you’d ever need inside the suite, and being inside the room felt like shutting the door on the world. The bathroom was as big as my entire flat (slight exaggeration, but..seriously).

There was something really fun about feeling a bit like we were on holiday, but only 30 minutes away from home.

Here are some of the main reasons why I’m recommending (but in short, OMG EVERYTHING ABOUT IT IS BEAUTIFUL):

1. You can watch TV in the bath. There’s a TV screen inbuilt to the mirror in front of the bath, meaning you can watch Mamma Mia (aka Pierce Brosnan singing) in a massive bubble bath (it happened) whilst surrounded by bubbles. It didn’t feel wrong – it felt very right.

2. You have your own mini bar. It’s a proper James Bond style cabinet with martini stirrers and a mixture of all different kinds of liqueurs and spirits. Which even comes with its own cocktail guide. You don’t have to venture outside the door to get a really, really nice bev.

3. It’s so digi. We plugged in our iPhones next to bed and our music boomed around the whole suite. Obvs you need music when you’re drinking home-made cocktails. You can get the curtains to open at a particular time using the remote control, so that you can let the sunlight in gradually. No need for a gross alarm.

4. The Holborn Dining Room. The restaurant is just downstairs and it is absolutely epic. I had some red wine (Rioja), scallops to start (YUM), the Roast rib eye club cut with pepper sauce and crispy onions. To finish (me off) I then had warm chocolate poached pear presented in a little tea cup. Paul had the partridge for his main (I just asked him how would you describe it? He says “banging”.) After dinner, you’ll probably start to hear music and chatter coming from the iconic Scarfes Bar where you’ll find complimentary live jazz.

5. You can watch ANY film. The film selection was really good too. Normally hotels have an average selection, we were spoilt for choice. Fell asleep watching Boyhood.

6. Good for an outfit selfieI’m sorry. There really are mirrors everywhere.

7. Breakfast ambience. Breakfast is hosted in the Mirror Room, an absolutely stunning room with huge plants, mirrors, lights, which makes it seem huge and grand. The breakfasts are smallish in size but quite rich. I had the eggs and salmon, it was the perfect portion size. Careful with the tea, they will keep re-filling your cup until you are about to burst. But that’s never a bad thing.

8. Awesome workspaces. The next day Paul and I had some work/writing to do so we set up camp in one of the smaller business rooms just off the main corridor. It was perfect: quiet, roomy, full of stationary and plug sockets, with the option to order drinks and had some snacks. Got a LOT done in there.

On the whole, I seriously recommend spending a night here for a special occasion, or even just checking out the Scarfes bar or Holborn Dining Room. I think it’s London’s best kept secret. Until it’s no longer a secret. (Which will be soon).

Thanks Rosewood for the amazing stay.

Rosewood London???????????????Screen shot 2015-01-18 at 19.56.46Rosewood LondonRosewood London_Grand Premier Suite Bathroom

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  1. Wow, Emma, is this the camera you used when i met you at the Gail’s brunch? x

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